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AISC Standard for Steel Buildings
What It Means And Why It Matters

AISC Standard for Steel Buildings <br>What It Means And Why It Matters
AISC Standard for Steel Buildings <br>What It Means And Why It Matters
  • Aug 24, 2020

When designing and ordering your custom steel building, it is important to have an understanding of some of the language and standards related to it. One of the main standards for steel buildings you may encounter comes from the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).

This institute maintains standard levels of durability and safety for all steel structures to ensure they are suitable for use and exhibit proper longevity. These standards are important, as they set the bar for metal building construction and ensure that the building you invest in is worthy.

Read on for more about the AISC standard for steel buildings.

Crucial Elements of the AISC Standard for Metal Buildings

In order to properly evaluate steel building structures and ascertain whether or not they meet standards, the AISC examines a few key elements. These elements form the foundation on which the standard is built. Check them out below!

  • General Provisions – This crucial element sets the tone for the rest of the evaluation. At its core, it is designed to outline the factors one should keep in mind throughout the process, including the clear designation of the builder as the responsible party for the safety of the construction. It also serves as a reminder that protected zones require permanent marking.
  • Classifications of Materials – In this section, the definition of structural steel is examined. The AISC defines structure steel as frame elements that are required for supporting loads. This is a relatively broad definition that can apply to bearing plates, door frames, fasteners, leveling plates, struts, trusses, and more.
  • Design Documents and Specifications – In this section, the AISC outlines the information that should be included in the structural design documents as the size, material, and location of members; geometry needed for layout; camber requirements; the elevations of flows; and joining requirements. It also makes note that these documents are likely to have significant variance dependent on the project but should be entirely accurate.
  • Installation Methods – There are a few basic guidelines regarding installation that are laid out in this section. While these guidelines are not overly specific as they are meant to be adapted to each unique project, they are clear. For example, installation should be economical, the site should be safe, the access to the site should be easy, there should be a proper storage location for equipment, and the installation of integral foundational elements should be done properly.
  • Quality Control – As one of the most important aspects of any building, quality must be closely regulated. The AISC has programs such as the Quality Certification Program and the Erector Certification Program that work to ensure the guidelines above are followed. Inspectors must have full access to the worksites in order for this to be accomplished.
  • Contracts – The AISC helps ensure that both contractors and clients are treated fairly throughout the process of manufacturing and installation. A contract that clearly agrees on the cost in detail, outlines procedures for revisions to the documents and prices, lays out a defined schedule, and establishes a payment method is a key to this step.

Why is the AISC Standard for Steel Buildings Important?

The simple answer is that it is important because it provides a comprehensive guide to safely building a steel structure that meets vital pre-requisites and to establishing fair treatment amongst all parties involved. These standards are meant to be taken seriously and to hold manufacturers and contractors accountable.

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