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Steel Riding Arenas

Steel Riding Arenas

Whether you plan to use an indoor riding arena for pleasure or commercial purposes, we can help you find and customize a metal riding arena in a size that’s best suited to your needs.

Our custom riding arenas are made of rust-resistant galvanized steel tubing and web truss framing. The combination of these strong, durable, and cost-effective materials ensures that your prefab riding arena will meet, if not surpass the local building code requirements. All steel riding arenas need to have a concrete footer that covers the outer walls of the steel structure. The footer provides structural stability in the absence of a concrete pad since it isn’t necessary for riding arenas. To ensure that horses (and other animals when they’re in the arena) don’t hurt themselves, you have the option of having us install kick walls throughout the structure. We can give you large riding arenas that include clear span areas as wide as 100 feet with any length you request. Our metal riding arenas are equally suited to small riding stables or competitive horse racing training farms. Additionally, that flexibility extends to the shape of your arena as well. Contact us for additional information.

Steel Riding Arenas


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