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Steel Colonial Buildings

Steel Colonial Buildings

A colonial style is an option that can be incorporated into the design of your custom steel building. With this option, customers can choose two colors to apply to vertical steel buildings. This option is only available on the side or ends of buildings where the panels are laid vertically. A layer of trim covers the area where the top and bottom panels are connected.

We offer additional options, including windows, insulation, doors, and other features to customize your colonial steel building. We can even turn it into a deluxe building.

At Steel Carports, our metal buildings are made of American-made Galvanized steel, which increases their strength and durability. When you order from Steel Carports, you get the best-quality structure and top-notch services. We provide quick delivery and installation at no extra cost. Contact our dedicated team today to discuss your requirements. 

Metal Colonial Buildings


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    20×35 Colonial Garage With Porch
    24×45 Colonial Garage with Lean-to
    20×30 Colonial Building with Lean-to
    18×40 Colonial Utility Building

    18×40 Colonial Utility Building

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