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Straight Roof Barns

Straight Roof Barns

Our straight roof barns, also known as continuous roof barns, consists of flat panels that slope and come to a higher peak than other styles. It is designed to maximize run-off like all of our metal building roofs, so it is less prone to leaking than other roof styles would be. The metal straight roof barn is the ideal style barn to store big farm equipment and tools.

To ensure that your continuous roof barn fulfills all of your needs, we can work with you to add features and options, so you wind up with a totally customized barn building. If you want to increase the structural integrity of your straight roof barn, you can go with our vertical option.

Our winning combination of steel panels and galvanized steel tubing assures you that you are buying a structure that’s built to last and stand up to the test of time and weather extremes.

We include free delivery and installation in the purchase price, so you don’t have to worry about getting the steel barn to your property or installing it on your land. Call our sales team or fill out the contact form to learn more.

Straight Roof Barns


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    36x25x12 Straight Roof Barn
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    30×24 Straight Roof Steel Barn

    30×24 Straight Roof Steel Barn

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