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Loafing Sheds

Loafing Sheds

Metal Loafing sheds

Loafing sheds are the most-utilized buildings on farms or ranches. The term “Loafing Shed” may be unfamiliar, but it is synonymous with the term “stable.” These steel sheds are among the most vital of all the outbuildings that are found on any farm or ranch.

Traditional loafing sheds used to be made of wood. But today, metal building dealers like Steel Carports offer affordable state-of-the-art steel loafing sheds with every custom feature you could hope to have. We use mobile home anchors to secure metal loafing sheds to the ground, and concrete anchors or bolts to secure them to cement.

Metal Loafing Sheds


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    Custom Steel Loafing Sheds for Any Need

    • Kick walls are a must-have if the prefab metal loafing sheds are going to be used for animals. The kick walls create a barrier that prevents the animals (or equipment) from rubbing up against the steel.
    • Gabled ends are an option for farmers who want to provide their animals with a sun shield during the day. The gables act as a rain guard that redirects rain (or snow) away from the roof as well.
    • Center poles are a critical addition if the opening of the loafing shed exceeds the standard maximum of 15 feet. The poles provide required extra support to hold the roof up.
    • A Tack or Saddle Room is another feature we can give you in a steel loafing shed, allowing you to store all your saddles and equipment in an organized fashion.

    The Best Roof Styles for Metal Loafing Sheds

    It is important for you to think about the roof style of your metal loafing shed. Each roof style has its own unique design, style, and features. Your roof is going to play a critical role in keeping your property protected. Therefore, take a look at a few of the roof styles below. They include:

    Regular Roof

    This is the most affordable option available for your metal loafing shed. Steel loafing sheds with a regular roof uses horizontal panels and round edges. This is ideal for areas experiencing relatively mild weather.

    A-Frame Horizontal Roof

    An A-frame horizontal roof, also called a boxed-eave roof, also uses horizontal panels to protect your structure. On the other hand, an A-frame roof is designed specifically for areas that have high winds but light precipitation. In addition to protecting your prefab loafing shed against the wind, this is also less expensive than a vertical roof.

    Vertical Roof

    A vertical roof is one of the most durable and premium roof options in the industry, making them exceptionally popular. They have vertically oriented panels as well as reinforced panels for added strength. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, then a vertical roof is the best option for your steel loafing shed.

    Customize Your Metal Loafing Shed for Your Needs

    It is important for you to make sure that your steel loafing shed has been customized to meet your needs. There are numerous ways that you can customize your metal loafing shed. These include:

    • Roof Styles: We can work with you to find the best roof design for your metal loafing shed while still meeting your budget.
    • Colors: We have a wide variety of color options that you can mix and match to meet your needs. You can customize the color of your walls, your trim, and your roof.
    • Size Dimensions: We have a wide variety of standard size dimensions as a part of our loafing shed kits; however, we can help you customize your size dimensions as well.
    • Doors: We offer plenty of garage doors, walk-in doors, and other customized doors as well. We will make sure that your door fits your metal loafing shed perfectly.
    • Windows: We can help you position the windows in your metal loafing shed while also providing you with the perfect style.
    • Steel Framing: We can add steel framing to your metal loafing shed in a variety of gauges, allowing your shed to stand up to adverse weather conditions.
    • Anchors: We also have asphalt anchors, mobile home anchors, concrete anchors, and rebar anchors that we can use during the installation process.

    Numerous Applications of a Metal Loafing Shed

    A metal loafing shed is one of the most versatile structures that you can use. With so many options available, you can use your metal loafing shed for personal, agricultural, and residential purposes. The applications of a metal loafing shed are endless! A few of the uses for a metal loafing shed include:

    • Fawning or calving stable
    • Hay storage space
    • Horse stall
    • Playhouse for your children
    • Shelter for your outdoor pets
    • A feeding place for your livestock
    • Tack room

    Loading Shed Prices

    We know that you are concerned about the prices of your metal loafing shed. We have made our metal loafing shed kits as affordable as possible; however, some of the factors that will play a role in the price include:

    • The size of the shed
    • Any added customizations
    • The manufacturer
    • The location of the shed

    We will work with you to make your shed as affordable as possible. That is why we offer RTO and a financing program at Steel Carports to make our metal loafing sheds more affordable.

    The Advantages of Metal Loafing Sheds

    There are a wide variety of benefits that you will enjoy if you decide to go with our steel loafing sheds. As a superior storage option that can also serve as a protective shelter, some of the benefits that you will enjoy include:

    • Metal loafing sheds are reliable
    • They are cost-effective
    • They will stand up to routine wear and tear
    • You can use your metal loafing shed for a variety of purposes
    • They are made right here in the United States
    • They are made from high-quality materials
    • Metal loafing sheds are set up by experienced specialists

    These are just a few of the many benefits that you will enjoy with our metal loafing sheds! To know more, please call us at +1 (833) 647-8335.

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