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Metal Carport Kits

Metal Carport Kits
Metal Carport Kits

If you are looking for a simple and effective way of protecting your vehicle from the weather, then steel carport kits may be the solution! These versatile kits allow you to install the metal carport you need on your property so that your car is safe from the elements, as well as protecting it from windshield freeze.

Take a look at the wide range of metal frame carport kits that are available to you, and then pick the one that suits your needs the best – it really is that simple!

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    22x21x9 Regular Style Carport

    22x21x9 Regular Style Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    24x25x9 A-Frame Vertical Roof Carport
    30x60x10 A-Frame Utility Carport
    30x45x14 A-Frame Vertical Carport
    20x21x8 A-Frame Carport

    20x21x8 A-Frame Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    20x21x6 Regular Carport

    20x21x6 Regular Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    30x45x12 A-Frame Vertical RV Carport
    12x30x12 A-Frame Vertical RV Cover
    18x30x13 A-Frame Vertical Roof RV Cover
    18x20x7 A-Frame Vertical Roof Carport
    18x20x7 A-Frame Vertical Carport

    18x20x7 A-Frame Vertical Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    20x20x10 A-Frame RV Carport

    20x20x10 A-Frame RV Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    Steel Carports


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    Top Quality Metal Carports Kits

    What Comes In a Metal Carport Kit?

    These kits are created as a one-stop solution and have everything you will need to install it as soon as it arrives. If you choose to customize your prefab carport, then the contents will vary from the standard list shown below. A standard kit contains:

    • All frames and sheets, pre-drilled and punched
    • Galvanized angles
    • Straightforward guide and plans
    • Full trim and closures
    • Ridged caps
    • Durable fasteners
    • And more!

    Why Choose Metal Building Carport Kits?

    There are many benefits to buying prefab metal carport kits. When you make your purchase, you can look forward to enjoying the following benefits, among others:

    Protection from extreme weather

    These structures protect your vehicle so that you can save time in the mornings when the weather is bad. Simply get in and drive away.

    Reducing the risk of damage – keep your vehicle safe from falling debris with one of these prefab steel carport kits and save on the cost of insurance claims.

    Wide range of uses

    these structures are versatile with lots of different uses, so you can enjoy protecting the items that mean the most to you.

    Long-lasting structure

    steel carports are built to last, so you can feel confident that the money you spend now will result in a structure that remains in great shape for years to come.

    Range Of Carports Available at Steel Carports

    When it comes to choosing a prefab metal carport, Steel Carports offers a range of options to suit a wide range of needs. From a one-car option to boats and RVs, you can be sure that you will find the steel carport you need. Check out the range of different steel carports that are currently available:

    Regular Roof Carports

    These steel carports use a simple, affordable, and attractive design (rounded corners with horizontal paneling) to create a carport that can store your vehicle. It comes in a range of size options, enabling you to get the right size for your available space.

    A-Frame Roof Carports

    If you are looking for a carport to match your A-Frame home, then these are the best choice. They are fully customizable, offering your vehicle protection from the elements. Install this carport near your home for a joined-up design look.

    Vertical Roof Carports

    This is one of the best-selling styles of metal carports on the market. With vertical panels and high-quality cross braces, you can be confident that your new carport is ready to face whatever the elements throw at it!

    Utility Carports

    If you need space to store your car and storage area for your tools and belongings, then a utility carport is a perfect choice. Combining a carport and installing a storing area makes this option great for anyone that needs a little more working space.

    RV Carports

    Are you the proud owner of an RV but need somewhere to store it when you are not traveling across the country? An RV carport is a great solution. Taller and longer than the traditional carports, this option can be customized so that it fits your entire RV, no matter how big your machine!

    Boat Carports

    Love life on the water but need somewhere to store your boat during the cold season? Try a boat carport! The open sides allow you to work on your boat out of season so that you do not miss any of the warm weather when it arrives.

    One Car Carports

    Short on space? Don’t worry – there are smaller, one car carports that are available to you too! Simply check out the range of shapes and sizes to get the best fit.

    2-Car Metal Carports

    If there is more than one car in your household, then install a two-car carport instead. With access from either end, you will be able to store both cars without fuss or hassle.

    3- Car Metal Carports

    If you are looking for a bigger carport for three or more vehicles, then there are loads to choose from. Select the shape and size you want, and keep all your cars under one shelter.

    How Can You Customize Your Metal Building Carport Kits?

    Customizing your kit is how you make it your own, and there are many different ways you can do this. Your customization result is a metal carport kit that suits your requirements and looks great wherever you plan to install it.

    Some of the customization options include choosing the style and size of the structure with the type of roof that you prefer as well as the gables, anchors, and steel frames. Each element can be built to suit your needs, so take the time to work out what you want before committing to buying.

    With Steel Carports, you also have an option to choose the color for your new metal carport. These colors are designed to fit with your property’s style so that the carport looks like it belongs. The currently available colors include:

    • Black
    • Barn
    • Burgundy
    • Clay
    • Earth Brown
    • Evergreen
    • Sandstone
    • Pebble Beige
    • Pewter Grey
    • Quaker Grey
    • Rawhide
    • Slate Blue
    • White

    How Metal Frame Carport Kits Are Priced?

    Each metal carport option comes with its own price tag. Size, design, location, and customization will all impact the final cost of your new steel carport. At Steel Carports, you can even get a free quote for your prefab metal carport, so that you know how much you will need to spend.

    Once you have finalized your quote, you can also plan on securing the right finance for your circumstances. Steel Carports offers rent-to-own and traditional financing. Both of these options require you to pay an agreed monthly figure, so that you do not need to find large sums of money upfront.

    Invest In One of Our Outstanding Steel Carport Kits Today

    When you choose to buy your metal carport kits from Steel Carports, you can be certain that they will offer the quality, durability, and versatility you need. With a combination of top-quality materials, speedy delivery, and a dedicated team of professionals, you can be sure that buying with Steel Carports is the best possible choice.

    We are America’s top dealer of metal structures and take pride in the work we do to make your life easier. Call us today at +1 (833) 647-8335, and discuss your options – we can’t wait to hear from you.


    Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Building Homes

    If you are keen to buy a metal building, then check out our frequently asked questions so that you can get the information you need to make the right choice for you:

    Yes, you can enclose your metal carport. You can customize your metal carport to your exact specifications. You can opt to add walls, windows, doors, and even select a specific color to customize the look of your structure. Endless possibilities await to create the perfect carport for you.

    Yes, metal carports are considered permanent structures. We install our carports with braces and anchors to ensure better stability.

    Without a doubt, the type of foundation you will need for a carport will depend on the climate where you are located. Although we advise having a concrete foundation for a more durable structure, you can select the foundation type that best meets your needs.

    Carports are worth it as they can protect your vehicle from the elements and provide additional storage space.

    Yes, you can build your own carport. Just order our DIY carport kit, and with the proper tools and knowledge, you can easily build a carport on your own.

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