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RV Garages

RV Garages

RV Garages With Delivery & Installation

When you are the proud owner of an RV or other vehicles, then finding a safe way to protect them will be high on your list of priorities. Steel RV garages are a great way to do this and will provide protection from the weather, the sun, and damage that can be caused by parking your RV on the road.

Whether you have a motorhome, a travel trailer, a camper van, or an RV, metal RV garages are a great solution. Find out more now before investing.

Our goal at Steel Carports is to deliver and install customized RV garages that meet your specific requirements.

Looking for custom build RV garages, our building experts will help to order your dream steel building. Call now at (833) 647-8335.

RV Garages


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    Should I Buy a Property with an RV Storage Building?

    Since COVID-19, the world has changed, with more people looking for ways to unwind, relax and enjoy with their loved ones. Vacations are also on the rise, with more people choosing to camp than ever before! If you are interested in camping and investing in an RV, then finding a property that has an RV storage building makes perfect sense.

    Metal RV garages offer you a dedicated space to store your vehicle and all the items that you need to take when you head off on a trip. You can pre-cool your fridge, complete repairs, and maintenance as well as being undercover to pack and unpack. In short, steel RV garages are a great option, and if you find a property that has one, then buying it is a smart plan.

    How to Choose the Right Metal RV Garage

    When it comes to picking out the right RV garage for your needs, it is important to first consider the options available to you and work out whether they fit your needs. Here are some of the key considerations that you will need to cover:

    • Material Choice – deciding between steel or wood for the best result
    • Open or Closed – working out if your garage needs to be enclosed or not
    • Sizing Choices – working out how much space you need for your RV and accessories
    • Other Features – picking out accessories and other features to make your RV garage your own

    How to Customize Your RV Garage to Suit Your Needs

    At Steel Carports, we offer a wide range of customization options because we believe that our clients deserve a building that meets their exact requirements. When you choose us, you can look forward to customizations that include:

    • Sizing – you give us the dimensions that you want, and we’ll build an RV garage that fits
    • Roof Options – A-frame horizontal, regular, or vertical are all possible, and can protect you from the weather in your area.
    • Color Choices – with plenty of different colors, we can help you match your garage to your other buildings.
    • Accessories – pick out the doors and windows that you love to get the look you want.
    • Anchors – with a range of anchors on offer, you can be sure your building will be sturdy
    • Gauge – choosing 12-gauge or 14-gauge steel will ensure your building is strong and durable
    • Certification – if you have local zoning requirements, then we can design a fully-certified garage for you.

    Get a Multiple Use Building – Invest in an RV Garage

    RV garages can be used for a wide range of uses, so you will never regret investing in one, even if you decide to get rid of your RV in the future. Some of the ways you can use your RV garage include:

    • Housing Furniture – no matter how big or small!
    • Creating a Workshop – complete all your pet projects or get a new hobby
    • Enjoying a Home Gym – get in shape with a dedicated space to enjoy
    • Designing a Batting Cage – improve your batting skills in peace
    • Creating an Entertainment Area – invite your loved ones and make lasting memories
    • And more!

    Why You Need an RV Garage

    There is a wide range of reasons why investing in an RV garage just makes sense, including:

    • Clear Span Space – giving you a large open space to enjoy.
    • Affordable Design – steel is a budget-friendly option that works better than traditional builds.
    • Customization Options – make your new RV garage your own by customizing it to suit your requirements.
    • Weather Proof – steel is great in areas that experience extreme weather, keeping your vehicle safe and secure.
    • Low Maintenance – metal buildings are strong and durable, needing minimal maintenance when compared to traditional buildings.
    • Increased Value – installing a new building on your property will give you a higher resale value.

    Do it Yourself with an RV Garage Kit

    If you are good with your hands and up for a fun challenge, then why not save cash and buy an RV garage kit instead? All RV garage kits from Steel Carports come prefabricated and ready to install, along with all the fixings and detailed instructions. All you need to do is gather a group of helpers and lay your foundation, ready to start working on installing your brand new RV garage!

    Metal RV Garage Prices

    If you are interested in RV garages but want to know how much they cost, then it will be dependent on a wide range of factors, including the size, accessories, location, and even the current steel prices. What you can be sure of it is that Steel Carports will always offer the best metal RV garage prices for the best buildings.

    We also have rent-to-own and financing options that you can consider if you want to get your new building without having to find a large sum of money in one go. Ask our team about the ways we can help you get the building you need in the most affordable way.

    Why Choose Steel Carports for Your RV Garage

    Finding a brand that you can trust is simple when you come to Steel Carports. Not only do we offer high-quality metal buildings, but we deliver them fast and free, as well as offering installation options too.

    Each of our buildings has been expertly crafted to last for many years, and our 20-year warranty will help you to have total confidence in your purchase. If you are ready to invest, then contact our team today and let us help you to create your ideal RV garage – call now at  +1 (833) 647-8335 !

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    Easy Financing

    Easy Financing

    To make it easy for anyone who wants to buy one of our steel buildings, we offer flexible payment options that include financing with the possibility of same day approval.

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    Rent to Own

    Rent to Own

    Our convenient “Rent-to-Own” program allows customers to buy a steel building while paying for it over time in installments.

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