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Steel Garages

Steel Garages

For the best value in the building industry, Americans are turning to metal garages from Steel Carports. The rising popularity of these affordable, customizable, and unbelievably versatile buildings is astounding but understandable—metal garages are simply the best option on the market for a number of common needs.

From protecting your vehicles from the elements to securely storing your belongings, metal garages provide shelter, value, and endless possibilities. No matter what your intended application is, a metal garage from Steel Carports can facilitate it.

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    18x30x9 A-Frame Vertical Garage

    18x30x9 A-Frame Vertical Garage

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    20x26x7 Regular Style Garage

    20x26x7 Regular Style Garage

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    50x30x10 A-Frame All Vertical Garage
    20x30x10 Aframe Garage with Lean To
    12x26x7 Regular Style Garage

    12x26x7 Regular Style Garage

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    18x20x9 Aframe Vertical Roof Garage
    20x20x9 Aframe Garage

    20x20x9 Aframe Garage

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    20x21x11 Aframe Vertical Roof Garage
    24x26x13 Regular Style Garage
    12x20x8 Aframe Garage

    12x20x8 Aframe Garage

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    Steel Carports


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    Top Quality Metal Garages

    Unlimited Uses for Metal Garages

    Think of a need you have that a proper building could help solve. No matter what that need is, a metal garage can meet it. To give you an idea of just how versatile steel garages can be, we’ve listed a few diverse uses as examples.


    Keep all your home maintenance tools, lawn care equipment, and odds and ends safe from the elements with a custom metal garage.

    Vehicle Storage

    Perhaps the most common use for metal garages, vehicle storage keeps your car in prime condition while also giving you a warm, dry place to load and unload it.

    Hobby Shop

    Give your passion space to grow by investing in a steel garage to use as a hobby shop.

    Bonus Room

    Whether it’s a play space for the kids or somewhere for the in-laws to stay when they visit, a metal garage can function flawlessly as a bonus room.

    Office Space

    Working from home has never been easier. Outfitting your metal garage to be a home office is simple and rewarding.

    Steel Garage Customizations

    Steel Carports allows you to dictate nearly every aspect of your steel garage, giving you the perfect platform to facilitate whatever applications you plan to use it for.

    Roof Style

    As an integral part of your building’s strength, aesthetic, and weather-resistance, choosing the right roof style is key.

    • Regular Roof – Streamlined manufacturing, easy installation, and reduced waste make this moderate-climate roof extremely affordable.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – Building upon the strong foundation established by regular roof design, A-frame horizontal roof garages add more framing and bracing to increase strength and weather resistance.
    • Vertical Roof – For the strongest, most harsh-weather-worthy design on the market, there is no other option than a vertical roof!


    Steel Carports provides a wide selection of standard sizes for you to choose from, or you can dictate the exact dimensions yourself.


    With 13 colors available for your metal garage—Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Sandstone, Slate Blue, and White—your steel garage is sure to match your vision.

    Doors and Windows

    Properly sized and placed doors are key to accessibility, while windows let in natural light and keep morale high. Steel Carports gives you control over every aspect of these features.


    The thickness of the steel used in the framing and paneling of your metal garage influence how strong it will be. Steel Carports gives you various gauges to choose from, allowing you to control the overall strength of your building.


    Steel Carports has a large selection of anchors available to ensure your building stands strong even in inclement weather.

    Advantages of Metal Garages

    Metal garages are incredibly versatile, offering a range of benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of having one:


    Metal garages are highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a great investment over the long term.


    Steel garages are cheaper than traditional wood garages and can be assembled quickly, making them a great option for those looking to save money.

    Low Maintenance

    Metal garages require minimal maintenance, as they don’t need to be painted or treated like wood garages do.


    Steel garages are usually larger than traditional wood garages, so they allow for more storage and workspace.


    Metal garages can be designed to look great and enhance the appearance of any property.


    Metal garages are more secure and harder to break into than traditional wood garages.

    Certified Steel Garages

    Opting for a certified steel garage is advantageous in many ways. It upgrades numerous strength-related aspects of your garage, making it more durable and ensuring it meets any standards your area may have in place.

    Pre-Installation Considerations

    Before you commit to buying and installing your new steel garage, you should consider the following aspects of the installation.

    • Permits – Many regions require that you apply for and secure permits before building. Check with your local authorities to see if this applies to you, then get the necessary permits before installation to avoid serious consequences.
    • Preparation – Before your metal garage can be installed, the chosen site must be properly prepared. Make sure your site is cleared, leveled, and otherwise ready for installation.

    Prices of Prefab Metal Garages

    Metal garage prices vary based upon your location, the size and design of the building, the customizations you make, and more. Steel Carports is happy to help by providing a financing program and a rent-to-own option.

    Metal Garages Kits

    Save a bit of money by buying a metal garage kit and installing the building yourself. These kits include everything you need to install your custom steel garage and are great for those who prefer the do-it-yourself route.

    Steel Garages – a Steel Carports Specialty

    When considering a metal garage, you should think of it as an investment. After all, it will serve you for years to come! That’s why Steel Carports is the only option for those seeking top-quality, unbeatable customer service, and industry-leading prices.

    Steel Carports is committed to forming a relationship with you, providing you with the best metal garages and customer service possible, and ensuring your dream steel garage becomes an attainable reality. Call now on +1 (833) 647-8335 for a custom quote!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Building Homes

    If you are keen to buy a metal building, then check out our frequently asked questions so that you can get the information you need to make the right choice for you:

    Metal garages last for many years, depending on the quality of the materials and construction. The longevity of a metal garage can be extended with regular maintenance and protection from the elements.

    Yes, metal garages add value to your home because they provide additional storage space, protection from the elements, and increased property value.

    Steel is an economical option that requires minimal upkeep, making it a cost-efficient building material. It is also energy efficient, and its durability means it will stand the test of time, making metal garages cheaper than wood.

    Carports are cheaper than garages because they are built with fewer materials and construction costs.

    Yes, a shed can be attached to a garage, although it depends on the size and design of the shed. Additionally, the shed must be properly secured to the garage to ensure stability and safety.

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    Easy Financing

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    Rent to Own

    Rent to Own

    Our convenient “Rent-to-Own” program allows customers to buy a steel building while paying for it over time in installments.

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