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A-frame Roof Garages

A-frame Roof Garages

Like our A-frame carport, our A-Frame horizontal roof garage has the “boxed-eave” look. Since the A-Frame roof design is like that of many traditional American homes, this style is the ideal choice for someone who is looking for a metal garage that will complement the style of their home.

The A-frame roof style garage uses the strength of the roof panels for increased structural integrity. The horizontal style also uses less material than the vertical design. By using less materials, we can sell you a high-quality steel garage at an affordable price. If you want to strengthen the structure, we can do that by adding extra anchors, bows, and braces. For even greater structural integrity, consider an upgrade from 14-gauge steel to 12-gauge steel. We stand by our products. With that upgrade, you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty as proof of our belief in the durability of your metal garage. Even if you customize your boxed-eave garage with windows, a walk-in door, a roll-up door, and insulation, you can still get those extras without breaking the bank.

Choose the A-frame roof style garage when you want an enclosed place to store your car, equipment, or your tools. An A-frame horizontal garage will provide you with valuable storage in an attractive metal garage structure that enhances the visual appeal of your property. As a bonus, your property value will also increase, proving your purchase is money well spent.

A-Frame Horizontal Garages


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    20x20x9 Aframe Garage

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