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Steel Barns

Steel Barns

Agriculture is a demanding yet rewarding line of work. Long hours, hard labor, and expensive maintenance are all part of the job. Without American farmers and the tremendous sacrifices they make, the United States and the rest of the world would go hungry.

With the strenuous demands of farming comes a need for equipment that is reliable and can be trusted season after season. Metal barns from Steel Carports fit this role perfectly, as they provide incredible amounts of usable, versatile space at affordable prices. Better still, they are exceptionally affordable while retaining more than enough durability and flexibility, even in the face of extreme climates.

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    42x30x12 A-Frame All Vertical Barn
    36x25x12 Straight Roof Barn
    36x20x12 Aframe Barn

    36x20x12 Aframe Barn

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    50x40x12 A-Frame Vertical Roof Barn
    48x30x12 Aframe Vertical Roof Barn
    30x20x12-9-7 Aframe Barn

    30x20x12-9-7 Aframe Barn

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    42x25x12 Aframe All Vertical Colonial Barn
    40x21x12 Aframe Straight Roof Barn
    36x35x12 Aframe Barn

    36x35x12 Aframe Barn

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    24x26x13 Regular Style Garage
    26x35x10 Gambrel Barn

    26x35x10 Gambrel Barn

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    Steel Carports


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    Applications for Steel Barns

    The potential uses for steel barns are practically endless. As you know, the needs on a farm are diverse and require a versatile structure to facilitate them. Check out a few possible applications for barn buildings below and let your imagination run wild.

    • Crops

    Keeping your harvested crops safe from the elements and predators is the only way to retain their value and usefulness.

    • Animals

    Whether it’s extreme cold or another threat, protecting your animals and livestock from potential harm helps ensure they remain healthy and happy. You can also use a steel barn to protect their feed.

    • Equipment

    Steel barns not only provide a place to safely store equipment but also to perform necessary maintenance and repairs.

    • Events

    It’s not all work on the farm! Metal barns are the ideal place to host events, both large and small!

    • Workshop

    Increasing productivity has never been easier. Prefab barns give you the perfect dedicated space to lean into your hobby, passion, or small business.

    Customized Steel Barns

    Steel Carports works with you to easily customize your building to match your need and vision. With Steel Carports, you have nearly unlimited control over your steel barn, from the roof to the walls, and beyond.

    Roof Styles

    As one of the most integral elements of your building, selecting the right roof is key on every level.

    • A-Frame Roofs – By using horizontal roof panels with the right amount of framing and bracing, A-frame roof design offers the perfect mixture of strength and affordability for moderate climates.
    • Gambrel Roofs – Designed to be visually appealing while maximizing interior space, gambrel barns are easy to spot and enjoyable to use.
    • Regular Roofs – Reduced waste and simple installation make regular roofs the most budget-friendly choice for mild climates.
    • Continuous Roofs – Continuous roof barns are also called straight roof barns. These uninterrupted roofs slope downward on both sides and are available with vertical panels, making them the right choice for harsh climates.

    Steel Barn Sizes

    Do you need a small barn? What about a massive shelter for equipment, feed, animals, and more under one roof? Steel Carports offers steel barns in many sizes, including completely custom dimensions.


    If traditional red is your preference, Steel Carports has you covered. If you prefer a different color, don’t worry. Steel Carports offers Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Sandstone, Slate Blue, and White.

    Doors and Windows

    From moving large equipment to providing livestock with adequate light, the various door and window styles available from Steel Carports make designing your perfect steel barn a breeze.


    Steel Carports puts you in control of the thickness of the steel used in your barn’s framing, roof panels, and wall panels.


    Strength starts with the foundation. With multiple anchor styles available, Steel Carports helps ensure your barn stands strong.


    Choose a certified metal barn to ensure it meets all local standards and can face just about anything nature throws at it.

    Prefab Barn Benefits

    Deciding to invest in a steel barn rather than a traditional barn doesn’t have to be difficult, as metal barns offer many advantages. Just take a look at the many advantages of metal barns.

    • Quick and Easy

    The lead times for metal barns are only a few weeks, meaning you can use yours soon after placing your order.

    • Customizable

    Your needs and tastes are unique. Metal barns are easy to customize, allowing you to tailor yours specifically to you.

    • Affordable

    Steel barns are affordably priced, giving you valuable financial flexibility.

    • Strength

    Weather, time, pests, and more stand no chance against steel barns.

    • Efficiency

    Steel is a recyclable material, and the buildings prefabricated from it are specifically engineered to be as efficient as possible.

    Metal Barn Prices

    Barn buildings are exceptionally affordable. The final price of yours will be determined by several factors, including its size, roof style, customizations, location, and more. Steel Carports does provide financing and rent-to-own programs to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

    Metal Barn Kits

    Take on a DIY project and save a bit of money in the process by opting for metal barn kits. These comprehensive kits from Steel Carports include everything from paperwork to hardware to ensure the installation of your barn goes without a hitch.

    Warranty Information

    The durability and reliably of metal structures from Steel Carports is so proven and well-known that it offers a 20-year rust-through warranty when upgraded to 12-gauge tubing.

    Metal Barns from Steel Carports

    When investing in a steel barn, the best option is Steel Carports. Well-known as the go-to dealer of metal buildings in the United States, Steel Carports provides the best quality custom metal barns in the country. Call today on +1 (833) 647-8335 for more information!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Building Homes

    If you are keen to buy a metal building, then check out our frequently asked questions so that you can get the information you need to make the right choice for you:

    Building with metal is cost-effective as metal barns are pre-cut and pre-welded at the factory, reducing the amount of material used. Metal barns also require minimal upkeep and provide protection from fire, pests, and extreme weather.

    Metal barns are more durable and require less maintenance than wood barns. They can also be constructed more quickly. These metal barns are fire-resistant, termite-proof, and can be custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

    Definitely metal barns! Steel barns are more durable and require less maintenance than wood barns, and wooden barns are susceptible to fire, whereas metal barns are not keeping your farm valuables safe and secure.

    Steel barns last for 50-60 years with proper maintenance.

    Metal barns don’t get hot in summer; however, there are several ways you can try to keep it cooler such as painting the metal a light color, installing insulation, and adding a ventilation system.

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    Easy Financing

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    Rent to Own

    Our convenient “Rent-to-Own” program allows customers to buy a steel building while paying for it over time in installments.

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