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Metal Carports

Metal Carports

Protecting your business, car, hobby, valuable belongings, and more is key. Americans know the toll that the elements can have on the things they spend their time and hard-earned money on. From the torrential downpours that hit Florida every summer afternoon to the long, harsh winters of the Midwest, there’s no escaping nature and its destructive power.

Thankfully, there is an affordable, convenient way to protect your hard work— a steel carport. Across the United States, people are turning to these cost-effective steel structures to defend their belonging and enhance their property, leading to a boom in the popularity of steel carports from Steel Carports.

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    12x30x12 A-Frame Vertical RV Cover
    18x30x13 A-Frame Vertical Roof RV Cover
    18x20x7 A-Frame Vertical Roof Carport
    18x20x7 A-Frame Vertical Carport

    18x20x7 A-Frame Vertical Carport

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    20x20x10 A-Frame RV Carport

    20x20x10 A-Frame RV Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    18x20x6 A-Frame Vertical Roof Carport
    12x21x7 Regular Roof Carport

    12x21x7 Regular Roof Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    22x26x7 Regular Carport

    22x26x7 Regular Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    12x21x6 Regular Carport

    12x21x6 Regular Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    12x21x8 A-Frame Horizontal Roof Carport
    22x21x6 Regular Style Carport

    22x21x6 Regular Style Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    18x31x7 Regular Roof RV Carport

    18x31x7 Regular Roof RV Carport

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    Steel Carports


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    Known For Their Strength, Durability, and Affordability

    Top Quality Metal Carports

    How to Use Your Metal Carport?

    Americans are a diverse people with unique interests and needs. That’s part of what makes metal carports so appealing—they can fulfill nearly any application without hesitation. To prove this point, we’ve listed a few varying uses below.

    Play Space

    Do the kids need their own place to spread their toys, scream wildly, and otherwise be carefree and young without disturbing your work? A steel carport provides the perfect area for kids to be kids!

    Animal Shelter

    Whether it’s for the family dog or your cattle, providing animals with a safe haven from the elements can work wonders for their health and longevity.


    If you enjoy working with your hands, you’ll need a place to do it. From leathercraft to working on cars, a steel carport creates the ideal workshop for your hobby or small business.

    Vehicle Cover

    From protecting your vehicle from hail to giving you a warm, covered area to unload groceries, a steel carport is a game-changing addition to any home.


    If you’re trying to declutter your house or simply have some belongings in need of covered storage, a steel carport is an easy, affordable solution.

    Customizing Metal Carports

    Thanks to the ability to customize nearly every detail of your steel carport, you can feel confident in its ability to facilitate your needs. A team of experts from Steel Carports will gladly walk through the customization process with you, including the following features.

    Roof Styles

    • Regular Roof– This roof design helps you save money while also providing adequate coverage and strength for temperate climates.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Roof – Similar to the regular roof but with additional bracing, framing, and other features, the A-frame horizontal design provides better strength and weather-resistance.
    • Vertical Roof – This design swaps horizontal roof panels for vertical ones, making it the strongest and most harsh-weather-worthy option on the market.


    Steel Carports offers a number of standard steel carport sizes from which to choose. Should you require custom sizing, simply inform Steel Carports, and it will build the prefab carport to your dimensions.


    The value of gables is significant, especially during inclement weather. Not only are they an aesthetically pleasing feature, but they also direct runoff away from the foundation of your steel carport.


    The framing of your building contributes significantly to its overall strength. Steel Carports gives you options, allowing you to choose between various thicknesses for the framing and paneling of your carport.


    As vital elements to the foundation of your building, choosing the right anchors is key to durability and strength. Steel Carports offers several types to ensure your steel carport remains strong.

    Color Options

    Choose from Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Sandstone, Slate Blue, and White to make your metal carport fit your tastes.


    Have your steel carport certified to ensure it meets or exceeds all necessary strength standards.

    The Many Benefits of Metal Carports

    There are too many advantages associated with prefab metal carports to mention, so we’ve compiled a list of a few that we view as key. Check out the highlighted benefits below and call Steel Carports on +1 (833) 647-8335 for a more in-depth look at the tremendous advantages offered by these structures.


    Through the challenges of time and weather, your carport is sure to stand strong.


    Traditional structures can fall prey to pests, but not steel carports!


    Unlike wooden buildings, steel structures are not prone to fire.


    Steel is known for its impressive strength. By building a carport out of this material, you can rest assured it will be equally as strong.


    Heavy snow, vicious winds, and torrential rains are not a threat to steel carports.

    Metal Carport Prices

    When considering the price of your prefab metal carport, you must factor in size, location, roof style, customizations, and more. Steel Carports is happy to help via its financing program and rent-to-own program.

    Metal Carport Kits

    Steel Carports gives you the option to buy a metal carport kit. These kits include everything you need to install the carport on your own—from instructions to hardware. You can even save a bit of money by choosing this route.

    We carry a range of carports to suit varying needs. Whether you want an A-frame horizontal, an A-frame vertical, a utility carport, an RV carport, or a boat carport or shelter, we can customize any item from our vast selection of pre-engineered steel carports to fit your budget and personal needs.

    Metal Carports Delivers (for Free!)

    With a team of skilled professionals ready to assist, free delivery and installation service by Steel Carports is a selling point in and of itself. From properly securing the anchors to ensuring the quality of the building, this service has numerous benefits.

    Steel Carports stands firmly behind the quality of their buildings and installations by offering a 20-year warranty.

    Prefab Carports from Steel Carports

    With the widest variety of metal buildings in the industry, Steel Carports is committed to providing you with the quality and variety you deserve. Call today on +1 (833) 647-8335 for more information, to speak to an experienced metal building professional, or to customize and order your dream metal building!

    Frequently Asked Questions on Metal Building Homes

    If you are keen to buy a metal building, then check out our frequently asked questions so that you can get the information you need to make the right choice for you:

    Yes, you can enclose your metal carport. You can customize your metal carport to your exact specifications. You can opt to add walls, windows, doors, and even select a specific color to customize the look of your structure. Endless possibilities await to create the perfect carport for you.

    Yes, metal carports are considered permanent structures. We install our carports with braces and anchors to ensure better stability.

    Without a doubt, the type of foundation you will need for a carport will depend on the climate where you are located. Although we advise having a concrete foundation for a more durable structure, you can select the foundation type that best meets your needs.

    Carports are worth it as they can protect your vehicle from the elements and provide additional storage space.

    Yes, you can build your own carport. Just order our DIY carport kit, and with the proper tools and knowledge, you can easily build a carport on your own.

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    Easy Financing

    Easy Financing

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    Rent to Own

    Our convenient “Rent-to-Own” program allows customers to buy a steel building while paying for it over time in installments.

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