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Three Car Garages

Three Car Garages

A three car garage is not only good for protecting your vehicles; triple wide garages are also capable of solving several other space problems. In general, if you have an issue concerning space management, a highly-durable and versatile three car garage can be precisely what you need. You can protect your vehicles as well as have space for lawnmowers, tools, outdoor toys, bikes, and more.

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Three Car Garages


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    Multiple Uses for Three Car Steel Garages

    Your cars count as valuable assets, so they deserve protection from damage and theft. Three car metal garages from Steel Carports are built and designed to be versatile and functional. It means that they are pre-engineered to be easy to customize and convert into any function.

    Steel generally has unique qualities that enable easy customization. Its outstanding durability and long life span also ensure future alternative conversion.

    Some of the alternative applications of three car garages include:


    1. Agricultural purposes

    One thing 3-car metal garages have in remarkable quantity is space. You can better utilize this space to house some agricultural equipment, products, or materials. You can demarcate or carve out a section of your three car garage for storing seeds, fertilizers, tractors, and so on.

    2. Storage space

    Another vital application of 3 car metal garages is to keep unused household items safe and out of children’s hands. It can also be that you want to clear some space from the main house, you can transfer unneeded items to a section of your three car garage.

    3. Workshop

    Converting a section of 3 car metal garages into an auto body or carpentry workshop is also an option for you. You can install benches and set up the equipment you need to complete any type of project.

    4. Personal office space

    It has become a popular thing for people to have a home office or personal office space in their home. You can decide to turn a part of your garage into a private office space.

    5. Entertainment area

    You can also host dinner parties, birthday parties, family gatherings, and so in your three car garage. It certainly has enough space to accommodate many people.


    Roof Styles of Three Car Garages

    Professionals describe three car metal garages as strong, durable, and highly versatile. A lot of work and design contribute to these three qualities. One of those efforts is the roof styles. The roof style of 3 car metal garages is not merely for aesthetic purposes. These three roof styles are remarkable for their ability to add to your structure’s integrity and durability.

    Steel Carports presents three roof styles for your choice:


    1. Regular roof style

    The regular roof style is a classic design that graces most American homes. It is most cherished because of its simple design and relative affordability. This style features horizontal paneling and requires regular maintenance to clearing roof pans of debris and snow logs. Building specialists recommend this roof style for projects located in areas that do not experience threatening weather.

    2. A-Frame horizontal roof style

    This particular roof style is also popularly referred to as the boxed-eave roof style. It is regarded as an upgrade on the regular roof style, although some similarities remain. For example, they both feature horizontal roof paneling and require regular maintenance as a result. However, professionals design the boxed-eave roof to be more durable and reliable in the face of high winds. This roof style is not suitable for areas that experience torrential downpours and snowstorms.

    3. Vertical roof style

    This roof style is the best option available and the most expensive option. The vertical roof style features vertical roof paneling. Experts design it with additional components that add to its reliability and durability. This roof style can withstand torrential downpours, snowstorms, hurricanes, and other seismic activities. If you’re confused and don’t know which style fits your environment and your budget, the building specialists at Steel Carports are just a call away.


    Three Car Garage Sizes and Dimensions

    When it comes to your three car garage sizes and dimensions, it is essential to note that the final decision rests in your hands. However, you can call the building specialists at Steel Carports for assistance in choosing the right size and dimensions.

    Steel Carports typically leaves the decision to you, but they can also guide you in some design decisions. For example, a 3-car garage needs at least a double doorway that is 16 inches wide, a garage door with 8 inches broadness, interior width of 28 inches, and so on. Never underestimate the difficulty and frustration an undersized building can cause you, so remember, it is always better to have a large building than to have one that is nowhere near the measurements you need.


    Customization Options for Triple Wide Garages

    When doing business with Steel Carports, you have the option to go for a basic triple wide garage design or go for a custom triple wide structure. Steel Carports understands that everyone does not want the same thing, so they provide customization options to allow each customer to design their dream metal building structure. You have absolute authority to change the designs and specifications of your building. You get flexibility in the building decisions that include: sizes, roof styles, 12- and 14-gauge galvanized framing, 26- and 29-gauge roof paneling, anchors, doors, windows, certifications, etc.

    You also have the option to design the exterior of your triple wide garage in your favorite colors. Steel Carports offers you considerable flexibility in choosing a color scheme for your metal garage. The color options include Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Sandstone, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Slate Blue, and White.

    What is most important in this section is that you not be afraid to improvise and innovate. You deserve the best, and Steel Carports is just a call away from making your dream triple wide garage a reality. Call today at +1 (833) 647-8335.


    Three Car Garage Prices

    Steel Carports offers some of the most affordable three car garage prices for sale in the market. You should understand that the relative affordability of Steel Carports products directly affects their customer-friendly policies. However, some external factors might affect the standard pricing of a triple wide garage. These factors include your customization options, manufacturer’s pricing, location, installation fee, and so on.

    It is also worthy of note to mention that, to facilitate quick processing of your orders and ensure that the company’s products remain accessible to all and sundry, Steel Carports offers flexible financing options to their customers. They also present financial options geared towards ensuring access to high-quality products irrespective of your budget or financial situation.


    Triple Wide Garage Kits

    When it comes to Steel Carports’s customer satisfaction, convenience is the operative word. If you are the type that likes to get down and get dirty, Steel Carports has the perfect Do-It-Yourself project for you.

    Ordering triple wide kits from Steel Carports are not only cost-effective but also very simple. You also get to save some money. The triple wide garage kits contain everything you’ll need to install your garage successfully, and it is straightforward to install. However, if you’re facing challenges in your installation routine, we advise that you place a call to Steel Carports at +1 (833) 647-8335 for professional assistance.


    Building Permits for Triple Wide Metal Garages

    If you want a successful installation of your triple wide metal garages, then there are some steps and processes you need to observe. One of those processes is applying for a building permit.

    Building permits are essential when building additional structures on your property because they help prevent substandard construction. In turn, it prevents building collapse and injury or death as a result. The steps to applying for a building permit can be exhaustive because of the sheer number of details required.

    The basic steps include:

    1. Finding out about your area’s building codes and requirements.
    2. Visiting your area council or authority for building permit application.
    3. Filling the necessary documents and providing all required information and documents. Information required might include information on your property, original designs, statement of purpose for the proposed structure, etc.
    4. Follow up and wait for a decision.

    Note that if you don’t apply and get a building permit before installing your three car garage, you may face strict penalties that include: demolition and rebuild, fines, and so on.


    Triple Wide Garages at Steel Carports

    Don’t order 3-car garages from just anyone; you can trust America’s top dealer of metal buildings to offer high-quality materials at affordable prices. Steel Carports offers exceptional customer service paired with top-notch products. Call now at +1 (833) 647-8335 to talk to the experienced team of building specialists. Don’t forget to ask about fast delivery at no charge! Get ready for the endless compliments from your neighbors about your three car metal garage.

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