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Steel Buildings West Virginia, WV

Steel Buildings West Virginia, WV
West Virginia

Steel buildings in WV are prefabricated engineered structures that can increase the value of your home, add space, and cost about half as much as regular construction. Their stylish design can blend in with existing buildings or stand out as a showpiece.

These buildings are incredibly versatile, come in many colors and styles, and can be used for almost anything, from livestock shelter to aircraft hangar space. There are multiple options for roof type, overall building shape, and interior features such as walls and doors, making the design options endless.

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    50x40x12 A-Frame Vertical Roof Barn
    60x70x20 Commercial Clear Span Building
    50×100 Metal Building

    50×100 Metal Building

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    100×100 All Vertical Steel Warehouse
    48×30 Vertical Straight Roof Barn
    20×35 Colonial Garage With Porch
    100×250 Metal Warehouse Building
    32×30 Colonial Barn Building

    32×30 Colonial Barn Building

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    36×15 Loafing Shed

    36×15 Loafing Shed

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    36×40 Vertical Roof Steel Warehouse
    30×24 Straight Roof Steel Barn

    30×24 Straight Roof Steel Barn

    RTO / Financing Available Buy Now

    90×140 All Vertical Clear Span Building
    Steel Carports


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    Areas Covered In West Virginia

    We can deliver and install our steel building kits West Virginia anywhere in the state. Cities we serve include:

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    Roofing Styles Of Steel Buildings In West Virginia

    All of our roofs are made from durable American-made steel.

    Vertical Roof
    A-Frame Vertical
    Horizontal Roof
    A-Frame Horizontal
    Regular Roof
    Regular Horizontal

    A-Frame Vertical

    The roof panels go straight to the edge of the metal building frame, perpendicular to the ground. Water, snow, and other debris slide off easily. This is the strongest of the roof designs.

    A-Frame Horizontal

    The roof panels run with the ridges and parallel to the ground and the boxed eave improves the curb appeal.

    Regular Horizontal

    This roofing style has a curved, rounded shape on the ends. The metal roof panels run with the ridges parallel to the ground for a clean aesthetic line.

    Building Styles And Applications

    Our West Virginia metal buildings are versatile and stylish. Customizable features include interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, transparent panels, and roll-up doors. Buildings come in many structural styles, including gambrel, colonial, and A-frame.

    Steel Buildings Can Be Used For Many Different Applications


    Store vehicles, boats, watercraft, or extra stuff from your house


    An add-on to your house without the added footprint


    Use them for warehouses, offices, aircraft hangars, auto shops, paint rooms, etc.


    Take your hobby to the next level by adding it to your house as a studio or a workshop


    Protect your luxury RV investment from the sun, wind, and rain with a sturdy steel structure.

    We offer a massive variety of steel buildings that can be customized to fulfill multiple purposes or house everything from vehicles to tools, workshops, workplaces, animals, agricultural products, and even give you warehouse space

    Why Choose Steel Carports?

    At Steel Carports our steel buildings are made only of the strongest American-made galvanized steel. Our buildings are practically maintenance-free, and we offer a 20-year replacement guarantee. Our installers are trained to provide fast, friendly service, and delivery and installation are included in the price of the building, so there are no hidden extras. Call one of our project estimators today to get started.

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