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Metal Carport Prices

Metal Carport Prices

There’s no question that a properly sized and equipped building that facilitates your exact needs can not only increase your productivity but also contribute to a more streamlined life. Metal carports are the most versatile, cost-effective options on the market, making them the ideal choice for those looking for the perfect functional space.

With the tremendous benefits these buildings offer, you might expect them to carry a high price tag. Well, we have good news—steel carport prices are shockingly low. Their affordability and cost-effectiveness make them great for any application and any budget. Read on for more information on what makes prefab carport pricing and what makes them so incredible.

Metal Carport Prices


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    It Starts with Sizing

    There are many factors that influence the price of metal carports, none quite so obvious as size. The correlation between size and price is simple—as the building size increases, so does the cost.

    There are several standard sizes of steel carports available, starting at 12’ by 21’ and increasing to 70’ by 101’ (and beyond, depending on location). In other words, there is a prefab metal carport for your specific size and budget!

    A Wide Range of Options

    One of the main appeals of metal carports is the impressive array of options available. The price of your carport will reflect the type of carport you select, so it’s important to know your options and how they may influence the price. We’ve listed some key options below and recommend calling Steel Carports for more information regarding your specific needs and applications.

    • Regular Style Carports – Prefab steel carports come with three different roof styles, own with their advantages. The most affordable roof design is the regular roof. By reducing waste and improving efficiency both in production and installation, the prices of these roofs are kept low. They are ideal for budget-conscious buyers living in temperate climates.
    • A-Frame Horizontal Carports – Additional framing, bracing, and eaves differentiate A-frame horizontal carports from their regular roof counterparts. These additions make this style slightly more expensive, but also more suitable for inclement weather.
    • A-Frame Vertical Carports – The strongest roof design available is the vertical roof, which replaces the horizontal roof panels of the other two options with vertical ones. This style also has the highest weight-bearing capacity, making it perfect for areas with harsh climates.
    • RV and Camper Covers – For those with large recreational vehicles, an RV or camper cover is likely the best option. Thanks to the customizable sizes of steel carports, they can be made to house just about any size recreational vehicle.
    • Boat Carports and Shelters – Prized possessions that are used seasonally need a home for the remainder of the year. Boat carports are perfect for protecting water vessels from the elements, providing a functional space to perform maintenance and repairs, and other store and tinker with your boat!
    • Utility Carports – Carports are not limited to storing vehicles. Utility carports can be used for just about any application. From warehouse space to storing your valuables, whatever your needs or desires are, a steel carport can fulfill them.

    Add-On Customizations

    The versatility of metal carports is, the nearly limitless customizations you can make to your building. As you make changes, the price of your building will change. While the extent of these changes in price varies, the more custom your building is, the more expensive it will likely be. Check out some of the key aspects you can customize below.

    • Framing Thickness – While all metal carports are strong, you have control over just how strong yours is. Part of this strength comes from the thickness of the steel framing. Choose from 12- or 14-gauge framing dependent on your needs.
    • Roofing – Remember the three roof styles we mentioned earlier? Well, you can choose the one that best fits your needs and location, ensuring your building will stand the test of time.
    • Certifications – Your area may require that certain standards be met. Steel Carports can ensure your building comes with the proper certifications as determined by your location and local authorities.

    How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost?

    A standard metal carport costs around $1,095, with prices rising as you begin to customize your building. Other factors, such as your location, can also influence the final price. Steel Carports is the best dealer of metal carports in the industry. Its priority is to provide you the absolute best building within your budget possible thanks to its tremendous service and competitive pricing.

    Benefits of Metal Carports

    You’ve probably already gathered that metal carports are extremely versatile, cost-effective buildings with many benefits. In case you wanted more reason to purchase a custom metal carport from Steel Carports at an outstanding price, we’ve listed a few key benefits below.

    • Little to No Maintenance – Yes, you read that right. Thanks to durable, all-steel construction, metal carports require little to no maintenance. They resist fire, mold, mildew, pests, and other such threats that traditional wooden buildings often succumb to.
    • Strength – In the face of harsh weather, you can rest easy knowing that your steel carport is strong and durable. In fact, it is specifically designed to be unphased in the face of inclement weather, including heavy snowfall.
    • Versatility – This is a point that we’ve referenced before, but it’s worth repeating. Metal carports are versatile enough to fill your needs, no matter what they are. Better still, they can serve multiple functions at the same time. Now that’s cost-effective!

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