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Two Car Carports

Two Car Carports

Two Car Metal Carports

There are single-car carports and triple-car carports, but two-car carports are the Goldilocks for many people—just right!

Steel Carports offers the best, highest-quality two-car carports in the industry. These customizable, versatile buildings are gaining tremendous popularity in the United States thanks to these and other great traits.

For more on what makes two-car carports the right choice for your unique needs, read on!

Two Car Carports


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    18x26x6 Regular Carport

    18x26x6 Regular Carport

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    12×26 Carport

    12×26 Carport

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    18×26 Aframe Horizontal Carport

    18×26 Aframe Horizontal Carport

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    No two needs are alike. Farmers use their buildings differently than mechanics do, and so on. No matter what application you plan to use your building for, a two-car carports, utility carports will work for you. While the uses are limited only by your imagination and needs, we’ve listed a few possibilities below.

    Sheltering Vehicles

    Most families have at least two cars, and a two-car carport tends to keep them protected from extreme weather conditions. Of course, it makes an ideal option, even if you have one car.

    Hobby Shop

    Everyone has passions. Painting, woodworking, or any number of activities could be what you truly love doing. A double-car carport can facilitate your passions, no matter what they may be.

    Protection from the Elements

    Whether it’s a vehicle you worked hard to purchase, the equipment you use for your job, or even harvested crops, a double carport is the best way to protect it from the elements and inclement weather.

    Business Expansion

    There are numerous reasons you may wish to use a two-car carport for business applications. Working from home requires a proper space, and a two-car carport can provide just that. If you have equipment or storage needs related to your business, a double carport or three car carport can fill that role, too!

    Roofing Styles

    The type of roof you select for your double metal carport will heavily influence the aesthetics and overall structural strength of your building. Steel Carports knows that needs and tastes vary from person to person, so it gives you three distinct choices. Check them out below!

    Regular Roof

    Those living in temperate climates don’t necessarily require the strongest roof style. In fact, it could be overkill, both from a structural and financial standpoint. Regular roofs can save you money thanks to their incredibly streamlined production and installation processes that save time and reduce waste!

    A-Frame Horizontal Roof

    Like regular roofs, A-frame horizontal roofs utilize horizontal roof panels. To increase strength and weather-resistance, A-frame horizontal roofs add more framework and bracing, as well as eaves that directly runoff away from the base of the building.

    Vertical Roof

    The strongest roof style is also the most expensive. This tradeoff is very much worth it for those living in harsh climates, though, as the vertical roof panels drastically improve weight-bearing capacity and overall strength.


    You know those needs you have that are unique to you and your personal situation and tastes? Great news— Steel Carports allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your double-car carport to fulfill those needs!

    Certifications, color, framing thickness (12- or 14-gauge), roof style, size, and more are all free to be changed to perfectly fit your desires.

    Certified Versus Non-Certified 2-Car Carports

    Certain areas may require that regulations and standards be met before you can legally construct your two-car carport. You should check with your local authorities to see what, if any, regulations you are subject to, then communicate them with Steel Carports so that it can provide you with a building that fits those specifications.

    Even if you don’t have standards to meet, a certified steel carport is worth considering. Certified two-car carports have many advantages over their non-certified counterparts, including additional bracing, thicker build materials, improved ground anchors, and other such strength and safety-related benefits.

    Sizes and Prices of Double-Car Carports

    Standard sizes for two-car carports start at 18’ to 24’ wide and can be increased as required. As you increase the size of your metal building, the price will also increase. Your location, any necessary certifications, and the customizations you choose to make will all factor into the final cost of your double-car carport.

    Double-Car Carport Kits

    If you’re someone who enjoys DIY projects and is looking to save a little money, Steel Carports has an excellent option for you—double carport kits! These kits include everything you need to install your two-car carport yourself, including all hardware and prefabricated parts! Two-car carport kits are a fantastic alternative for those with know-how and ambition!

    Ordering from Steel Carports

    If you’re going to invest in a metal building, you should consider purchasing from the best dealer in the United States. A company that will treat you like family, guide you toward the right choice for you, and otherwise act in a professional, caring manner.

    Steel Carports has established itself as the top dealer of two-car carports in the United States by consistently providing the highest-quality buildings, best customer service, and best overall customer experience.

    If you have questions, are ready to receive a quote on your custom double carport, or want to place an order on your dream metal building, call our experts today on (833) 647-8335.

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