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Three Car Carports

Three Car Carports

From facilitating your passion to helping your business run smoothly, having enough functional space that is protected from the elements is vital. Steel Carports offers the highest-quality steel carports in the United States for exactly this reason.

No matter what your intended use or needs might be, a triple carport from Steel Carports will give you the right space for you and the peace-of-mind to know you made the right investment. Read on to discover more about triple-car carports and how they can fit your unique applications and needs!

Three Car Carports


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    Metal triple carports are designed and engineered to fulfill diverse needs. So, regardless of your intended use, a three-car carport will fit it flawlessly. While your applications are unique to you, we’ve listed a few possible uses below. Check them out!

    Space for Storing Vehicles

    A triple wide carport can be used to safely shelter three compact cars as they provide ample space to park your vehicles. These types of carports can exceptionally protect your vehicles from wind, rain, sun, snow, and ice, ensuring you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted!


    From large farm equipment to harvested crops, a triple-car carport can facilitate safe, secure storage, easy maintenance and repairs, and valuable protection from the elements. You can even keep your livestock in a three-car carport when the weather takes a turn for the worse!


    Businesses always need more room. Warehousing, workspace, and office space all require just that—space! Having enough room to expand is also important, which is why it’s a great idea to view the purchase of a triple carport as a long-term investment.


    The applications of three-car carports are truly endless, even if you’re just considering the residential possibilities. Home offices, guest houses, home gyms, game rooms, hobby shops, and more are all easily facilitated by triple carports.

    Roofing Styles

    Steel Carports offers three roofing styles for your three-car carport to ensure that your building is exactly what you want. Each design has distinct advantages, so read on to see which is best for you!

    Regular Roof

    If you live in a temperate climate and are budget-conscious, a regular roof carports might be the best fit for your triple-car carport. The efficient manufacturing process limits waste, which saves you money, while the horizontal panels and curved corners keep installation simple.

    A-Frame Horizontal Roof

    While it uses horizontal panels like its regular roof counterpart, the A-frame horizontal design adds extra framing, bracing, and eaves to improve strength and weather-resistance.

    Vertical Roof

    By replacing the horizontal roof panels with vertical ones, vertical roofs increase overall strength and weight-bearing capacity dramatically, making them perfect for areas that see substantial inclement weather, including heavy snowfall.


    Standard three-car carports are wonderful options for anyone, but where they really shine is their ability to be customized to each customer’s unique needs and tastes. Steel Carports emphasizes this customizability and subsequent versatility by offering nearly endless options.

    From the size and color of your triple carport to the roof style, frame thickness, certifications, and more, almost every aspect of your metal triple-car carport is customizable to your preferences!

    Color Options

    Choosing the ideal color for your three-car carport comes down to your intentions and your tastes. Whether you’re trying to have your building stand out or simply complement the buildings around it, Steel Carports has a color for you.

    Thirteen different options are available, including Barn Red, Black, Burgundy, Clay, Earth Brown, Evergreen, Pebble Beige, Pewter Gray, Quaker Gray, Rawhide, Sandstone, Slate Blue, and White.

    Sizes and Prices of Three-Car Carports

    Triple carports come in standard sizes ranging in width from 26’ to 30’ and lengths of 21’. However, they can be built to your specifications, allowing you to customize the size of your metal building to fit your needs.

    Increasing the size of your building will cause the cost to rise, as will making customizations. Your location and the certifications required in your area will also influence the final price of your three-car carport.

    You can save some money by investing in a three-car carport kit and assembling the structure yourself. These comprehensive kits form Steel Carports include everything you need to install your custom building prefabricated from the manufacturer!

    Permits for Triple-Car Carports

    Securing the proper permits for your three-car carport shouldn’t be difficult, but it is necessary to do so before you install your new building. Failing to get the proper permits could set you back significantly in terms of money and time.

    It’s best to check with your local authorities regarding the required permits, apply for said permits, then work with Steel Carports to ensure your triple carport meets or exceeds the requirements!

    Buying from Steel Carports

    For the highest-quality triple-car carports and unbeatable customer service, turn to Steel Carports, the best dealer of metal buildings in the United States. Our experienced professionals will gladly answer any questions you have, provide you with a customized quote, and help you order your dream three-car carport. Simply call our experts today on (833) 647-8335.

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