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Metal Garage Kits

Metal Garage Kits
Metal Garage Kits

Many American consumers are looking for innovative ways to create vehicular storage on their land, and steel building garage kits appear to be the solution! These kits have grown in popularity over recent years and offer a versatile space that can be fully customized to meet your needs.

If you need a new garage to store your vehicles, then look no further than steel garage kits from Steel Carports – they really are a game-changer. Call us today at +1 (833) 647-8335 to get a quick quote for your garage kit!

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    18×26 Aframe Horizontal Roof Garage
    18×36 Regular Style Garage

    18×36 Regular Style Garage

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    18×40 Regular Style Steel Garage
    20×30 Aframe Horizontal Roof Garage
    20×80 A-Frame Steel Garage

    20×80 A-Frame Steel Garage

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    20×35 Steel Garage With Lean To

    20×35 Steel Garage With Lean To

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    20×40 Garage

    20×40 Garage

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    18×30 Side Entry Metal Garage

    18×30 Side Entry Metal Garage

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    Finding Out What Comes in DIY Metal Garage Kits – the Lowdown

    If you are considering buying one of the prefab steel garage kits from Steel Carports, you will need to know what is included in each one. The great news is that we provide virtually everything you will need minus some basic tools and equipment that you will have to arrange on your own. This means that you can start installing your steel building as soon as your new kit arrives! Check out the kit contents below:

    • The drawings and certified plans for the garage kit
    • Both the primary and the secondary framing
    • The sheeting you will need for the roof and walls
    • A complete closure and trim package
    • The ridge cap
    • And more!

    In addition to this, all the parts will come pre-marked, and your prefab garage kit will be delivered directly to the site fast and free!

    Why DIY Steel Garage Kits are a Great Idea

    If you are interested in steel garage kits but want to learn more, then check out these great benefits that come with owning one:

    • You can customize your design – Steel Carports offers a fully customizable service that allows you to create the steel garage kit that fits your needs and your budget so that you end up with the perfect solution.
    • They are budget-friendly – each steel garage kit is made from low-cost materials and does not require significant amounts of labor, making it a cheaper option for you.
    • Maintenance is a cinch – each metal garage kit comes ready to install and should not require a new lick of paint for at least 40 years, making it easy to maintain and care for.
    • They are strong and durable – If you are looking for a place to house heavy-duty machinery, then a metal garage kit is a great idea. It offers the strength you need to securely store your vehicles until you are ready to use them again.

    The Many Possibilities of Steel Building Garage Kits from Steel Carports

    When you choose from range of Steel Carports’s DIY metal garages, then you can look forward to using them in many different ways! The list of possibilities is vast and can be changed to suit your needs as they evolve over time. Some of the most common types include:

    Regular roof garages

    these come with rounded corners and horizontal paneling, and are the best option for the areas experiencing mild weather.

    A-Frame horizontal roof garages

    these garages have a steep roof that meets in the shape of an A and provides you with great space and protection from moderate weather conditions.

    Vertical roof garages

    if you are looking for strength, then this is a great option as the panels are laid vertically and will not give way to anything.

    1-car metal garages

    if you are a one-car household, then these smaller kits are a great solution and will keep your car in great condition and safe from the sun, rain, snow, winds, etc.

    2-car metal garages

    for double car households, why not install a double garage? You will have space for both cars and additional storage that may be useful for your tools and accessories.

    3-car metal garages

    if you need flexible space for multiple cars, opt for a 3-car metal garage and enjoy the additional space for your storage needs.

    Making Your Metal Garage Meet Your Needs

    The great thing about DIY metal garage kits is that they can be fully customized to meet your needs and expectations. From selecting the roof to choosing the doors and windows, you are able to achieve a look that fits in with the rest of your property. You can even choose a kit that adheres to specific certifications and much more!

    When you trust Steel Carports with your purchase, then you will also have access to thirteen color choices so that you can make a style statement or blend in with the scenery. The current color choices include:

    • White
    • Slate blue
    • Rawhide
    • Quaker gray
    • Pewter gray
    • Pebble beige
    • Sandstone
    • Evergreen
    • Earth brown
    • Clay
    • Burgundy
    • Black
    • Barn

    Choosing DIY Steel Garage Kits That Won’t Break the Bank

    Finances are an important consideration when you want to buy one of the prefab steel garage kits from Steel Carports. However, getting an accurate quotation will depend on you knowing which customizations you want to get and where you are located. We are always happy to provide a no-obligation quotation so that you can get a sense of what you are going to spend before you agree to purchase.

    If you need to finance your metal garage, then we are here for you! We have two options available – rent-to-own or our financing program. Each of these is offered by Steel Carports so that you do not have to find a third-party finance solution when you are ready to purchase.

    Store Your Vehicles Safely with Metal Garage Kits from Steel Carports

    Choosing Steel Carports not only gives you access to the best DIY steel garage kits but also connects you to a team of experts that can support you in getting the right kit for your individual needs. We take pride in offering the highest-quality metal building kit materials and will deliver them to you as fast as possible with no delivery fees.

    In addition, you can look forward to exceptional warranties and flexible payment options. Call us today at +1 (833) 647-8335 to discuss your requirements and arrange for your metal garage kit to be delivered.

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