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One Car Carports

One Car Carports

The popularity of one-car carports is on the rise in the United States for a multitude of reasons. While that statement might sound exaggerated at first glance, stick with us for a minute—single-car carports are far more versatile than you might think.

In fact, it is the versatility of one-car carports that differentiates them from other buildings on the market. Sure, they do a tremendous job of safely housing your vehicle from the elements and giving you a place to perform routine maintenance and repairs, but they are also so much more than that.

No matter what applications you have in mind, a metal one-car carport is likely the perfect fit to facilitate them. For more on what makes these structures so special, read on!

One Car Carports


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    Roofing Styles

    It’s fair to say that the roof is a pretty vital part of any building. It provides protection from the elements, of course, but it also contributes significantly to structural integrity and strength. That’s why Steel Carports offers three different roof styles for every one-car carport!

    Regular Roof

    Some climates don’t demand the strongest buildings. In areas such as these, you can save a bit of money by opting for a regular roof, which uses horizontal roof panels with rounded corners to reduce waste and cost.

    A-Frame Horizontal

    If you need a little more strength to stand up to inclement weather, an A-frame horizontal roof carports might be right for you. It adds more framing and bracing as well as eaves to improve its weather resistance.

    Vertical Roof

    The crème de la crème of roof designs, vertical roofs replace the horizontal panels of the other two styles with vertical panels. This drastically increases the overall strength of the roof, as well as its weight-bearing capacity.


    While a one-car carport can certainly act as a shelter for your vehicle, you may have different uses in mind. With Steel Carports, your single carport can function as you need and want it to because it can be customized to your exact specifications.

    Nearly every aspect of your single-car carport can be customized. From aesthetics such as the color to structural elements such as the roof style and thickness of framing, there’s no limit to how well you can match your building to your needs.


    The customizations offered by Steel Carports go hand-in-hand with the design and engineering behind these incredible buildings. One-car carports are intended to fulfill a wide variety of needs, including those with agricultural, commercial, and residential purposes. The uses of your one-car carport are entirely up to you, but we’ve taken the liberty to list some of our favorite potential applications. Check them out below!

    Office and Work Space

    Having not only enough room, but the right kind of functional space is necessary for frustration-free productivity. Single-car carports can provide you with exactly that at a surprisingly low price.


    From agricultural equipment and crops to commercial warehousing to seasonal recreational items, one-car carports provide plenty of safe, secure storage space for all your needs.

    Residential Expansion

    If you wish to expand your home to include a guest house, man cave or she-shed, game room, home gym, or any other such lifestyle space, a one-car carport is the perfect option.

    Site Preparation for One-Car Carports

    Having a properly prepared site for the construction of your single carport is an extremely important part of the delivery and installation process. While the necessary steps to accomplish this preparation will vary from site to site, the end results are similar.

    A leveled area is required for installation to take place. The site should also be cleared of any debris and vegetation. Ensuring that the location is approved for the installation of your one-car carport is another essential step, so be sure to check with your local authorities and secure any certifications that may be necessary!

    Sizes and Prices of Single Carports

    Steel Carports offers several standard sizes for one-car carports, with widths starting at 12’ and lengths ranging from 20’ to 50’. You can, of course, completely customize the dimensions of your single carport to fit your needs.

    As the size of your building increases, so will the price. There are other factors that affect price, too. Your location and the required certifications will impact the final cost, as will any customizations you choose to make.

    Financing Options

    Your single-car carport is an investment. As such, Steel Carports provides you with two fantastic financing options. Whether you prefer a more traditional financing experience or a rent-to-own program, Steel Carports has you covered.

    The application process is quick and easy, the review and approval process is streamlined, and the result is an affordable, versatile building that you can put to use sooner rather than later.

    Buying a Single Carport from Steel Carports

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