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How can I prepare my property for my metal building?

Before your metal building can be installed or established, it’s best to select the location you’d like to place your building and stake out a spot for a concrete slab. At a minimum, you should leave about 2-4 inches per side and around 3-6 inches per outside of the building perimeter to ensure there’s plenty of space. Clear the site area from weeds, grass, and other debris. Once the space is clear, you’re able to pour a flat, concrete slab for your metal building. It’s vital to ensure you’re receiving the proper permits for your metal building before it’s installed.


What are the spacing measurements between the frame legs and trusses?

Typically, frame leg spacing and bow/truss spacing are 4-5 feet on center for single-wide buildings (up to about 12 feet wide) and double-wide buildings (up to 24 feet wide). For a triple-wide building, the frame legs and roof trusses will be anywhere from 3’ to 54” on center. That being said, if you’re looking for exact measurements, simply reach out to Steel Carports so we can provide those for you.


What are the differences between 12-gauge steel and 14-gauge steel?

Gauge is the measurement that indicates thickness—the higher the gauge number, the thinner the steel will be. So, 12-gauge steel is going to be thicker and stronger than 14-gauge steel. If you’re looking for an economical framing that doesn’t need to withstand heavy wind ratings or higher snow loads, 14-gauge steel is a wonderful option. For more strength, 12-gauge steel is the much better choice.


Why is a vertical roof style one of the most highly recommended types for metal buildings?

A vertical roof style is one of the most popular roof types for metal buildings of all kinds because they offer more steel framing in the unit and feature an A-frame style that has panels running from the ridge down to the eave side. In other words, a vertical roof style has panels that run vertically, meaning it offers better channels for rain, sleet, snow, etc. to slide from the roof down to the ground.


Is it possible to customize my metal building?

Absolutely! At Steel Carports, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you the metal building of your dreams—no matter what that looks like. You’re able to customize every aspect of your metal building when you order with us—from the roof style, size, colors, doors, windows, anchors, certifications, and more.


What’s the tallest steel building I can purchase?

We’re proud to offer standard size metal buildings, but also offer customized steel buildings that can be as tall as you’d like. The maximum height we offer for our RV cover metal buildings is 14’. That being said, there will be some select areas on our metal buildings that can be built as high as 20’. The best option is to give Steel Carports a call to discuss the metal building measurements you’re looking for.


Which color options are available for my customized metal building?

We’re proud to offer all sorts of color options for our steel buildings, including barn red, black, burgundy, clay, earth brown, evergreen, pebble beige, pewter grey, rawhide, sandstone, slate blue, and white.


What steps should I take before the installation phase of my metal building?

It’s important to prepare the site where you plan to have your metal building installed. Be sure to provide a flat, level area, pour a concrete slab if required, clean the area of debris or trash, and to obtain the proper licensing (if applicable) for your metal building on your property.


What is a pre-engineered building price and how does it affect the pricing of my metal building?

A pre-engineered building price is a ballpark estimate of prices that will help you to get a range on for your approximate price estimate on your metal building. That being said, the unique customizations you’d like for your metal building, where you’re located, and what your project includes will affect the price.


What is a certified steel building and how does it differ from a non-certified steel building?

A certified metal building is professionally designed to withstand a certain degree of wind speed, snow load, and rainfall. A non-certified metal building is not required to meet those standards. It’s possible that you might live in an area that legally requires your metal building to be certified in order to meet the necessary requirements.


Can I finance my metal building? If so, how do I start that process?

You can! Steel Carports is proud to offer an easy, streamlined process for financing or rent-to-own the metal building of your dreams. All you’ll need to do is fill out an application with us, get approved (fast!), and make a small down payment. Then, you’re on your way to receiving the metal building you desire immediately. Together, we’ll work out a payment schedule that makes sense for you—and there’s no penalty for paying off your metal building early.


How long does it take to deliver my steel building once I’ve confirmed my order?

We’re proud to offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry. From the moment you confirm your purchase with Steel Carports, you can anticipate waiting 4-6 weeks for your metal building to arrive for delivery and installation.


Do you offer metal building kits?

We sure do! Steel Carports is proud to offer metal building kits that you’re able to construct yourself. Our top-quality kits provide you with pre-punched and pre-sized pieces that you’re able to put together yourself, allowing you the freedom to design the kit of your dreams.


What is the benefit of buying a metal building directly from Steel Carports?

When you buy from Steel Carports, you’re buying more than just a metal building—you’re buying your metal building. Because we prioritize and value the option to customize your own metal building, you’ll never have to settle for a design that isn’t as beneficial as possible.

Additionally, we offer free delivery and installation for select states, meaning we’re able to provide you with your metal building quickly, but also, in most cases, we’re able to assist you with your dream metal building every step of the way.

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