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What Is a Good Size for a 2-Car Carport?

What Is a Good Size for a 2-Car Carport?
What Is a Good Size for a 2-Car Carport?
  • Dec 22, 2022

2- Car Carport Dimensions

In most cases, a 2-car carport will range between 20’x20’ and 24’x24’. But this is not always the case! Steel carports are versatile enough that they can be offered in a wide range of size options and configurations. However, when you purchase one, you want to know that it’s large enough for the job.
Unfortunately, carport sizes like the 24’x24′ model provide little space beyond accommodating your vehicle. You’ll have minimal real estate for movement, storage, or comfort. And if you haven’t researched exactly how much internal square footage you’ll be getting, you may end up with a structure that’s just not big enough for the job.

Below, we’ll explore 2-car carports in greater detail, including different size options and what you’ll need to keep in mind when making your purchase. So if a 2-car carport is up your alley, keep reading!

Classifying Steel Carports

Thanks to their modern engineering techniques, metal carports, and steel buildings are designed and built in a wide array of sizes and configurations. But to keep things simple, we’ll break these structures down into several categories.

1. Single Car Carports

As you may have guessed, a single carport is designed to comfortably accommodate a single small vehicle. These carports can start at 12′ wide but can be as wide as 20’x20′ if you’re hoping for ample interior room. However, if you own a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or truck, a larger carport size might be a more suitable option for your needs.

2. Two Car Carports

A two-car carport is specifically designed to house multiple smaller-sized coupes and sedans. They’ll range between 18′ and 24′ but can easily be modified for additional space or functionality. They’re a great option if you want to protect several vehicles or a larger SUV or truck.

3. Triple Wide Carports

Also known as three-car carports, these metal structures are an excellent solution for multi-vehicle families. Ranging between 20′ and 31′, a triple-wide carport will accommodate several cars or trucks and provide extra storage space for equipment or valuables.

4. RV Carports

Built taller and wider than traditional carports, these structures are engineered to take on oversized recreational vehicles, tour buses, and motorhomes.

What You’ll Want to Know When Planning a 2-Car Carport

Undertaking any construction project requires much know-how, research, and perseverance. But if you’re unfamiliar with the process, the pitfalls might not be apparent. But that’s okay because we’ve put together a small guide on what you’ll need to remember when planning your two-car carport.

1. Your Vehicle Type

What type of vehicles are you covering? A standard one-car carport might be sufficient if you own a smaller coupe or sedan. However, if you have multiple cars or want extra room for storage or comfort, you may want to upgrade to a two-car option.

2. How Many Vehicles

How many vehicles do you own? Investing in larger carports might be a better option if you need to keep multiple vehicles safe from the elements.

3. Vehicle Height

Is your vehicle too tall for a standard one or two-car carport? Taking measurements of your car is a good way to develop a baseline on how much internal square footage you’ll need. Most standard carports will measure roughly 12 feet from the foundation to the header, but this size option might not be your best choice if you own tall or oversized vehicles.

4. Usage

How do you intend to use your carport? Will you be protecting cars, or are you keeping your mowing equipment out of the rain? These are crucial questions to ask yourself before beginning any metal building project.

5. Local Building Regulations

Most localities will have specific rules and regulations regarding the permits you’ll need to construct a permanent building. In this case, you’ll need to work closely with local officials to secure any and all required permits. Failure to perform this due diligence can be costly, resulting in fines and even the ordered removal of your structure.

6. Location

One of the first steps in the planning phase will be determining where you’ll install your building. This building site will need to rest above water runoff to reduce the likelihood of flooding. It will also need to be located near established utilities such as plumbing and electricity. Planning this infrastructure properly can save you tons of overall building costs.

7. Budget

Every build needs a budget! And a well-crafted budget is the best way to ensure a construction project moves smoothly from beginning to end. You’ll want to develop a budget that illustrates your financial capabilities while planning for any unforeseen construction costs.

8. Future Considerations

People change! And over time, you may realize that you need more from your carport setup. To make future expansions easy, pre-plan how you’d like to expand when the time is right. Luckily, steel structures are some of the most accessible building types for add-ons and expansion.

The Ways You Can Use Your 2-Car Carport

Thanks to modern functionality and design, carports and metal buildings aren’t just backyard staples. In fact, they can be used for a wide range of applications. For example, these structures are fantastic for:

• Equipment Storage

Whether it’s expensive tools or old lawn equipment, a two-car carport is a great way to keep your things dry throughout the year. These structures are versatile enough for storing supplies, gardening tools, and more!

• Parking Spaces

A two-car carport can be installed directly into your driveway, providing you with the cover you need to stay dry, even in inclement weather.

• Outdoor Workshops

These flexible structures can even be enclosed to make fantastic workshops that will keep you comfortable and productive year-round! It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid woodworker or you just want a space for your most recent hobbies; a two-car carport can handle it!

• RV Shelters

Recreational vehicles are huge investments. So why not invest in keeping them in good condition? A custom-designed carport is a cost-effective method for protecting your RVs from harsh UV rays, snow accumulation, moisture damage, and more.

• Boat Covers

Sometimes you have stuff to protect that doesn’t have four wheels! Luckily, these carports are perfect for protecting boats, pontoons, jet skis, and any number of watercraft in the off-season.

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