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Can Metal Buildings Withstand Oklahoma Earthquakes?

Can Metal Buildings Withstand Oklahoma Earthquakes?
Can Metal Buildings Withstand Oklahoma Earthquakes?
  • Mar 08, 2022

Oklahoma & Earthquakes

Until the most recent decade, Oklahoma experienced very few earthquakes. However, due to an economic boom, driven by the waste-water disposal process known as “fracking”, ancient fault lines deep beneath the state have been significantly disturbed. In 2015, Oklahoma seismologists recorded over 880 earthquakes over a 3.0 magnitude. The record-breaking 5.8 event, with its epicenter in Pawnee, occurred in 2016 and was felt by residents all over the state. In 2017, Oklahoma saw 7 earthquakes in only 28 hours! OK now faces hundreds of tremors and earthquakes annually.

This disturbing data has led Oklahoma residents to wonder how they should prepare their properties for earthquake activity. Climate change concerns are on the minds of most Americans, and scientists agree that the coming decades will bring more storms and natural disasters than have been historically anticipated. This begs the question: Can a metal building withstand an earthquake?


Can a Metal Building Withstand an Earthquake?

No one can predict an earthquake. While some natural disasters give residents warning, an earthquake is more terrifying than most. But, out of nowhere, the earth gives way, leaving residents little time to find safety. What is one to do in the face of such overwhelming catastrophe?

Surviving an earthquake depends a great deal on the materials surrounding you. Simple wood and stone crack under the pressure of tectonic rupture. Steel Carports doesn’t claim that steel buildings alone protect anyone from an earthquake, but research has proven that metal frames respond to earthquakes better than traditionally stick-built structures. Your belongings and family are much safer within the confines of a metal building during a natural disaster than an old wood frame.



Steel Buildings Are Resilient Where Wood is Not

A building’s composition can be the key factor between collapse and simple structural damage during a catastrophic earthquake. While none of our building specialists would claim that a steel building is an impenetrable bunker during natural disasters, there is much research to suggest that metal buildings fare better than wooden ones.

One of the reasons Steel Carports buildings are uniquely suited to handle earthquakes is because our buildings are built with cold-formed steel. Steel is an extremely ductile metal. It is used in the world’s largest skyscrapers because it is flexible enough to absorb great impacts and pressure by bending without breaking. Wood and brick simply rupture under strain.

Steel can handle dents and strain without affecting its overall structural integrity. Galvanized metal can absorb impacts while remaining intact. Metal panels are produced with lower mass and weight, so the metal absorbs seismic shocks more efficiently. While steel may bend under the intense pressure of an Oklahoma earthquake, it is far less likely to collapse completely.

Because galvanized steel buildings are less likely to collapse during a natural disaster, they are also less likely to catch fire. Metal buildings are naturally fire-resistant; steel is categorized as a Type 1 material by the International Building Code (IBC). Steel buildings are incredibly safe and expertly certified to withstand extreme winds and snow loads.


Steel Carports Provides the Safest Metal Buildings in Oklahoma

You deserve the safest steel buildings at the best prices. You’ve come to the right place! The building specialists at Steel Carports bring decades of experience to Oklahoma when designing your custom structure, so you’ll get exactly what you need to handle OK earthquakes. Using the highest-quality steel, we back every structure with our workmanship warranties, proving that we have confidence in everything we make.

Our teams are committed to customer satisfaction; we won’t be satisfied until you love your new OK metal building! Our experts will ensure you have the financing you want to get your building right away. We can offer lead times as short as six weeks. Call now at (833) 647-8335 and discover the Steel Carports difference today!

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