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Carports are Better Than Fabric Covers for Colorado RVs

Carports are Better Than Fabric Covers for Colorado RVs
Carports are Better Than Fabric Covers for Colorado RVs
  • Jan 28, 2022

Colorado and RV’s

Colorado is an incredible RV destination! It offers campsites from the Rocky Mountain National Park to the “Mile High” delights of Denver. Whether you want to hike through Great Sand Dunes or catch the ski slopes in Boulder, the Centennial State is rich with recreational opportunities for visitors and residents.

Your RV is your ticket to the great outdoors and your “home away from home”. It represents a significant investment on your part; doesn’t it deserve the best possible security in the off-season? When you’re not using your RV, how do you keep it stored? Let’s explore the reasons that your Colorado RV needs the security of a steel RV carport!


Carports vs. Fabric Covers

When it comes to your RV, you want the best coverage, so your model will retain its structural integrity and value. You may be tempted by the claims of fabric RV covers, but are they the best choice?

1. Versatility

A fabric cover is quick out of the box, but it serves a single purpose. A steel RV carport is a property asset, a structure with long-term value and low maintenance. When not securing your RV, the metal carport can be used to store other equipment or be an outdoor workspace.

2. Strength

Steel has incredible tensile strength! A steel carport is non-corrosive, fire-resistant, mold-resistant, and pest-resistant. A fabric cover can’t offer any such security. Every kind of storm debris will risk scratching your RV’s paint.

3. Customization

A fabric cover can come in different colors. A steel RV carport, however, can be customized with trim, side panels, gables, and more! Your structure is engineered to your specifications, not a one-size-fits-all model. Create a carport that suits your style and existing property.

4. Protection

You won’t get stronger security than the expertly certified steel of a metal RV carport. Every model is rated for weather resistance, both for wind and snow load. A fabric cover won’t even protect your RV from the damage caused by hail or other storm debris.

5. Easy Access

Don’t waste time trying to pull a cover into place! An RV carport is designed for easy drive-in access. Enter and exit your RV in the off-season at your convenience.

6. Cost

A fabric cover is a cheap option when compared with the permanent structure of a steel RV carport. However, a metal structure is more cost-effective than you may think! Insurance premiums on steel buildings are far lower than traditional buildings, thanks to their durability and safety ratings. Furthermore, steel is a more stable global commodity than lumber, and prices have stayed affordable during the worldwide pandemic.

7. Warranty

Every Colorado model from Steel Carports is backed by a warranty covering workmanship and steel components! Buy your steel RV carport with confidence.



Drawbacks of a Fabric RV Cover

  • Fabric RV covers are never completely waterproof. Mold and mildew hide beneath these plastic and canvas covers, eating away at the paint on your RV. This causes expensive damage to your exterior!
  • Fabric RV covers are inconvenient; removing and applying the cover will require the help of more than one person. Do you need another hassle in your life?
  • Beware the use of ladders! While you’re up there adjusting that cumbersome fabric cover, consider your own safety. It would be easier and safer to park beneath a steel RV carport, right?
  • An RV fabric cover will last only a few years before it must be replaced. Why throw good money after bad? Steel carports last for 50 years or more.
  • Fabric RV covers won’t protect your vehicle from hail or other storm damage. Falling branches and other debris will damage your RV without the secure protection of a steel carport.
  • If you purchase a fabric cover with a rough material, it may be the culprit which does the most damage to your RV’s paint! A frustrating irony that could easily be avoided with a metal carport.


Carports are the Ideal Choice for RVs

It’s clear that a steel RV carport is a better investment of your time and money than a fabric cover. Your comfort, convenience, and safety are all covered, literally, by a steel carport. While your initial investment will be higher, the long-term benefits are incalculable!

More importantly, your expensive RV will retain its value beneath the security of a metal carport. Eco-friendly, fire-resistant, durable steel is the construction material you can count on. You will face the future of climate change and extreme weather with confidence when you purchase a custom RV carport from Steel Carports.


Steel Carports: Providing the Best Metal Carports in Colorado

You and your RV deserve the very best steel carport, the very best price, and the highest quality customer service. You want Steel Carports! engineers the best steel structures in Colorado, using the highest quality steel in every model. Our building specialists bring decades of experience to you when designing your custom carport, so your building will be exactly what you need! We back every structure with our workmanship warranties, proving that we have confidence in everything we make.

Our teams are committed to customer satisfaction; we won’t be satisfied until you love your new RV carport! Call now at (833) 647-8335 and discover the Steel Carports difference today!

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