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Choosing the Best Roof Color for Your Metal Building

Choosing the Best Roof Color for Your Metal Building
Choosing the Best Roof Color for Your Metal Building
  • Apr 15, 2021

Many people believe that the roof of metal buildings only comes in one colorway – this is not true! In fact, there is a diverse range of color options available so that you can express your individual style with ease.

When it comes to metal building colors, it can be hard to decide which ones to choose, especially with so many different options available. Rather than sticking to the same as everyone else, take a look at our advice and get the help you need to choose the best color for your metal building.


8 Top Tips to Choosing Metal Building Colors

Getting ready to choose and making your color choice can feel pretty stressful. Luckily, we have eight amazing tips that will help you make the right choice with ease. Take a look below:

1. Think About Style

When you stop to consider just how many different types of metal buildings you can get, then it is easy to see why style is important. For example, if you are designing a commercial building, then you may need to follow a strict color scheme that has been laid out by the brand. Or, if you have chosen a specific style of building, then there may be a specific color that works best. Remember that if you are building a traditional home, then opting for neutral tones is logical, but if you are opting for something more modern, then you can go for anything that you like!


2. Understand How Your Paint Works

Once you have shortlisted your color choices, then it is essential to consider how the paint will look once applied and how it will age. The pigment of the paint you choose relates to the color you choose, and this is mixed with a resin to create your paint. There are premium and cheaper resins, depending on your budget, and you can even get paint that has been treated so that it blocks UV radiation. Knowing how your chosen paint works will ensure that you get the finish you are looking for.

3. Know-How Your Supplier Finishes Your Paint

When your building is being engineered, then the color you choose will be applied as part of the manufacturing. Paint finishing uses a range of steps so that the end result is a durable coating that will look great for years to come. First, the panels are uncoiled and then cleaned to remove oil and dirt. Next, the panel is treated with a galvanizing chemical to stop it from corroding and prepare it for priming. Next, it is primed with polyester or acrylic, and a UV resistance layer is added. Finally, between two and five paint layers are added to the panel and left to dry.

4. Choosing Between a Dark and Light-Colored Roof

You may be wondering whether to choose between a light roof or a dark roof, and you’d be right to consider this as it will affect the final look of the property. Opting for a light roof will result in a roof that looks taller, whereas a darker roof will make the roof look smaller. Remember that colors will look different at different times of the day, too, so choose the tone that will give your roof a look you want to achieve.

Building with living quarter

5. Think About Your Neighbors

Take a look around your neighborhood to see what colors have been chosen for the houses that are already


you may want to stick to the status quo so that your house doesn’t stick out or annoy others. Plus, if you are living in an HOA area, then there may be rules that you need to follow or even a process to submit your color for consideration before you can make the final choice.

6. Let Your Location Provide the Inspiration

If you are struggling to choose, then why not let your location help? If you live in the mountains or in a green, natural area, then options for earthy tones will allow your building to merge with the landscape rather than become an eyesore. Live in the desert? Try sand and terracotta colors for a stunning finish that will work to keep you cool. Live somewhere more tropical? Go for bright colors with a metallic finish to live up to your environment.

7. Think About Your Energy Bills

Whatever color you want, it is important that it as energy efficient as possible. If you live in a hot area, then you will need a roof that reflects the sun and can keep the house cool, choosing a light color

will achieve this and save you money. The same is true in reverse

if you live somewhere cold, then picking a darker color will soak up the heat and keep the house warmer.

8. Using the Best Tools to Choose

Rather than going it alone and picking a color based purely on your preference, why not use a metal building color visualizer instead? Steel building color visualizer websites will give you the chance to upload a picture of your metal building and then allow you to choose different roof colors and finishes to give you an idea of what your house will look like when done. These are powerful tools and a must-do before you spend out on anything!


Steel Carports’s Extensive Color Range

When you come to Steel Carports, you can look forward to thirteen different color choices for your metal roof as well as quality craftsmanship that will result in a long-lasting building. Our range of color choices includes:

  1. Pebble Beige
  2. Quaker Gray
  3. Barn Red
  4. Earth Brown
  5. White
  6. Black
  7. Pewter Gray
  8. Clay
  9. Slate Blue
  10. Burgundy
  11. Rawhide
  12. Evergreen
  13. Sandstone


Let Steel Carports Provide the Roof You Need

When you choose Steel Carports as your metal building supplier, you can look forward to a building that works for you and lasts the test of time. We know all there is to know about creating the right roof in the right color and will be with you every step of the way so that your choice works.

As America’s top metal building dealer, we take great pride in offering outstanding service and providing the best metal buildings on the market. We have a range of flexible payment options and a team that has the expertise you need. Don’t delay – call Steel Carports at +1 (833) 647-8335 and get your building quote today!

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