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Invest In a Clear Span Metal Building for Your Large-Scale Project

Invest In a Clear Span Metal Building for Your Large-Scale Project
Invest In a Clear Span Metal Building for Your Large-Scale Project
  • Sep 20, 2023

Clear Span Metal Buildings and Your Business

If you’re mulling over different types of infrastructure for your next large commercial or agricultural project, it pays to get the right materials for the job. Wood and concrete alternatives are solid options, but when it comes to large-scale projects, their cost can be prohibitively expensive.

But with metal buildings, achieving large amounts of square footage is not only possible, it’s fairly cost-affordable, thanks to clear span technology. Clear span buildings have the advantage of being able to stand with little to no need for internal support, opening your business or project up to unparalleled levels of unobstructed space.

In this blog, we’ll explore these steel buildings in greater detail and show why clear span technology might be the right choice for your next large-scale project. If you’re on the cusp of purchasing a structure, you’ll want to keep reading for more information to help you make the best purchase for your needs.

How Wide Are Clear Span Buildings?

How wide can a clear span steel building be? In a word, wide. Clear span buildings have the advantage of modern engineering, allowing them to be built at enormous sizes with little to no need for internal support. Sometimes, even up to 300 ft without columns.

In most cases, these buildings will range from about 50 ft to 150 ft, giving businesses and agricultural projects tons of open space to house large pieces of machinery, work vehicles, and equipment. It’s perfect for manufacturing, automotive repair, or anything requiring tons of clear, open space.

How Clear Span Framing is Measured

Let’s take a moment to explore how clear span metal buildings are measured, focusing on four critical dimensions: Frame Width, Clear Span, Eave Height, and Clear Height.

1. Frame Width

The frame width refers to the distance between the two sidewalls of these large buildings. This measurement is essential because it determines the building’s overall width and, consequently, its capacity to accommodate various activities and equipment.

2. Clear Span

Clear span is the width between the inside faces of the two sidewall columns, excluding any interior columns or supports. This measurement defines the open, unobstructed space within the building, making it a critical factor in determining its functionality.

3. Eave Height

The eave height is the vertical distance from the ground to the eave of the building and is measured from the exterior base of the sidewall columns to the point where the sidewall and roof intersect.

4. Clear Height

Clear height, also known as peak height or ridge height, is the vertical distance from the ground to the highest point on the building’s roof. Clear height is important for accommodating equipment with height restrictions, and it also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the building.

Clear Span Buildings for Large-Scale Business

As we’ve mentioned, clear span technology opens businesses up to a wide range of possibilities. Having uninterrupted space for equipment, goods, and employees is necessary for many businesses. Let’s look at just a few industries that benefit from clear span engineering:

1. Agricultural and Farming Industry

Clear span metal buildings are a staple in the agricultural sector, providing farmers with large, open spaces for storing equipment, hay, and livestock. These buildings are especially advantageous for housing tractors, combines, and other large machinery while also serving as cost-effective shelters for animals.

2. Manufacturing and Industrial

Manufacturers and industrial facilities require ample space for production lines, storage, and logistics. Clear span buildings offer the flexibility to customize layouts and accommodate large or heavy machinery, making them an excellent choice for quality control areas and assembly lines.

3. Aviation and Transportation

Airports, heliports, and transportation hubs often rely on clear span metal buildings for aircraft hangars, maintenance facilities, and storage areas. The open design allows easy maneuverability of aircraft and vehicles inside the structure.

4. Sports and Recreational Facilities

Sports complexes, indoor arenas, and recreational centers utilize clear span buildings for their spacious interiors. These structures can host a wide range of activities, including sports events, concerts, and exhibitions. Their height and unobstructed space make them ideal for accommodating large crowds.

5. Storage Facilities

Clear span buildings are synonymous with storage solutions. Whether for personal or commercial use, they function well as warehouses, self-storage facilities, and distribution centers.

6. Large Scale Warehouses

Large-scale warehouses catering to the retail and logistics sectors rely on clear span metal buildings to optimize storage space and streamline operations. Their expansive interiors enable efficient loading and unloading of goods, making them an integral part of modern supply chains.

Steel Carports is Your Trusted Name for Clear Span Buildings of Any Size

Whether you’re opening a smaller-scale automotive repair shop, or designing a large-scale manufacturing facility, Steel Carports is here to provide a wide lineup of steel buildings to suit any need or endeavor. We build our structures with advanced engineering and a dedication to craftsmanship that ensures they’ll provide years of dutiful service with minimal maintenance needs.

We also back our buildings up with industry-standard warranties and guarantees, so you can rest easy knowing your building is up to any residential, agricultural, or commercial challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Steel Carports today at (833) 647-8335 and let one of our building specialists guide you through the design and customization process. We’ll provide you with a quick quote and give you the information you need to make a wise buying decision.

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