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Domestic Storage Made Simple with 12x20 Metal Sheds

Domestic Storage Made Simple with 12x20 Metal Sheds
Domestic Storage Made Simple with 12×20 Metal Sheds
  • Aug 19, 2021

There has been a surge in demand for 12×20 metal sheds across the United States, with more households than ever before opting for this type of storage. There are many reasons for this rise in popularity, including their versatility, durability, and cost-effective solutions but also the fact that they are a safe choice for anyone that needs additional space made.

Whether you want steel sheds to store equipment, turn into a home workshop or even use as a garage, there is a range of great options for you to choose from – take a look at our 12×20 metal sheds overview to find out more about these amazing buildings.


The Different Storage Solutions 12×20 Metal Sheds Offer

If your storage needs can’t be met with the storage you currently have, then you may be considering paying a third-party storage company to take up the slack. The only issue with this solution is that it will cost you a fortune and won’t be easy to access your items whenever the need arises.

Rather than choosing to pay for third-party storage, why not install your own 12×20 steel building on your property so that everything you need is in just one place and ready to go. There are a huge number of storage solutions that these steel buildings have to offer – some of the most popular ones include:

1. Store Your Livestock in Safety

if you have livestock, then you will know that it is vital that they have a safe and secure place to call their own. 12×20 metal buildings provide enough floor space for livestock so that you can sleep soundly, knowing they are ok.

2. Store Your Office Equipment

if you work from home and need a space to work or to store your office equipment, then building a 12×20 shed is a great choice. It will give you privacy to work, declutter your home and enable you to forge a strong work-life balance.

3. Store Your Personal Belongings

if your home is overflowing with things that you don’t need to hand, then building storage for them is a great way to declutter and reclaim your space. With a 12×20 steel building kit, you can get the storage you need installed in record time!

4. Animal Shelter

if animals are your thing and your home is bursting with pets, then why not create them their own home and feel confident that they are safe and secure? Your floorplan is entirely up to you, and you’ll be able to feed, clean, and pet all your animals in one dedicated location.

5. Farming Equipment

if you love growing your own and want somewhere to store your equipment when you aren’t tending to your plants, then a 12×20 metal shed is the perfect solution. It offers space and security and can be built close to your farming land for ease of access.


Building Your Own with Metal Shed Kits

If you are keen to build your own shed or want to save money when you purchase one, a metal shed kit is a great solution! All metal shed kits from Steel Carports come with everything you need to complete your build – all you need is a toolset and a group of friends to help you complete it.

Some of the key components included in each kit include:

  • Steel framing members and supports in two different gauge options depending on the weather conditions in the area you live in.
  • Roofing panels to create the roof style you want in a number of color options.
  • Wall panels in the style and color choices that suit your requirements so that you can get the final look that you want.
  • All fastening hardware so that you can start to build your new shed as soon as it arrives without the need to purchase extra materials.
  • Building anchors that are ready to install – all you need to do is ensure that the ground is cleared and leveled, ready for installation.
  • Plus, if you have chosen any customized options, then these will also be included in your kit so that your finished shed looks exactly how you want it to.


Key Considerations Before Buying a 12×20 Shed

Before you dive into buying a 12×20 metal shed, you will need to consider the following points to ensure that you end up with the right options for your needs:

• Weather Conditions

you’ll need to think about the local climate and work out whether you need a heavy-duty design that can withstand extreme weather conditions or not.

• Space

you will also need to plan out where you want to place your new building and determine if you have enough space for it to fit without causing any issues elsewhere.

• Certifications

different areas have different requirements, and so it is important to check local zoning guidelines to find out what certifications your new building may need.

• Base

before you install your new shed, you will need to install a level base to build on. The cost and installation of this are not covered by us, and you will need to arrange it prior to installation.


Invest in a Metal Building from Steel Carports

If you are keen to get the best metal building for your needs, then Steel Carports is here for you with excellent customer care, a full range of customization options, and fast and free delivery! With years of experience and superior craftsmanship on offer, you are sure to be impressed with the finished result.

Plus, all our metal buildings come with a 20-year warranty, giving you the peace of mind that you need when buying a metal building kit. We offer a no-obligation quotation service and will work with you to plan a building that meets all of your needs so that you can build it and start enjoying it in next to no time. Call our team today at +1 (833) 647-8335 to get started!

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