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Expand Your Business with Commercial Metal Buildings

Expand Your Business with Commercial Metal Buildings
Expand Your Business with Commercial Metal Buildings
  • Nov 25, 2021

Economic Growth in the U.S.

Five major industries drove the American economy following the Great Recession of 2008. Millions of jobs were added to the public and private sector, and wages grew. Until the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the United States was enjoying a strong economic recovery. The five sectors which contributed most vitally to the nation’s economic growth were technology, construction, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

Healthcare grew over 10% between 2008 and 2018, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a continued annual rate of 18% through 2026. The aging American population will rely more and more on the healthcare industry; healthcare accounted for over 17% of total GDP in 2018. Technology is expected to grow 11% over the next decade, outpacing most of the rest of the economy. Tech is a top-five industrial contributor in 23 of the 50 United States. Construction accounted for $1.365 trillion in 2019, according to the Census Bureau. Retail accounts for 5.5% of GDP, and the National Retail Federation reported a 4% increase in retail spending in 2018. Non-durable manufacturing, including such commodities as gasoline and electricity and accounts for 4.4 million jobs.

Is your business prepared to take advantage of what these industries have to offer? Are you ready to expand and customize your business to meet the needs of employees and customers? A commercial metal building will increase the space and opportunities afforded to your business!


Benefits of Commercial Metal Buildings

Is your business prepared to take advantage of post-pandemic opportunities? Are you ready to grow and expand your market influence? You need a commercial metal building!


1. Quick Construction

When time is money, you can save up to 50% with a prefabricated metal building! Steel structures are precision cut and welded on the factory floor. By the time the pieces reach the installation site, only a minimal crew is needed to bolt and assemble your custom building. Less labor, less waste, and less construction time combine to save you big bucks. Build your market share and branch into new enterprises quickly with a metal building by Steel Carports!


2. Customizable

Your prefabricated metal building is designed to meet your business needs. Steel structures are easily customized and expanded as your business needs change. Your design can be replicated across a franchise or personalized to suit different locations. Your building’s versatility is limited only by your imagination! Our design team will be glad to work with you to create the perfect metal building for your mining operation.


3. Low Maintenance & Eco-Friendly Construction

Pre-engineered structures require very little maintenance because galvanized steel is rust and corrosive resistant. When properly cleaned and sealed, your metal building will last a lifetime! Even more importantly, metal buildings contribute to a sustainable construction model. Steel is 100% recyclable, and most factories aim for a zero-waste production model. As state-of-the-art designing tools make more and more efficient cuts, the industry is leading the way in creating eco-friendly construction practices.


4. Ultimate Floor Plan Flexibility

Use every square foot and design the most efficient floorplan with the clear span interior of your new metal building. Whether you need secure patient rooms, cooperative office space, or a stunning retail layout, a metal building will deliver!


5. Easier to Remodel

Think of the future! Your business is growing, and your plans are big. Don’t let the confines of your business building slow your progress. Commercial metal buildings are easily expanded, redesigned, and customized as your needs change. Invest in the future of your business by choosing a metal building.


6. Better Resale Value

Let’s consider your long-term investment strategy. Did you know that metal buildings hold their value longer than wooden structures? It’s true! A metal structure is forecast to last for decades, whereas a timber, the stick-built building requires modification every five to ten years. Your business will benefit from the savings inherent in a commercial metal building!


7. Energy-Efficient

Your metal building is professionally sealed and engineered to save energy. Most buildings enjoy 30% lower energy costs than traditional builds, and metal roofs are ideally suited to energy-conscious investments, such as solar panels! Your budget will love the efficiency of a commercial metal structure.


8. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Call your local provider and discover the advantages of owning a metal structure. Your insurance premiums will be so much lower than with a stick-built building! A commercial metal building is the best possible decision you can make for the long-term budget of your business. Invest today!


How to Use Your Commercial Building

Your commercial steel structure is built for optimal flexibility and versatility. The question isn’t, “How do I use my building?”; the better question is, “How do I get buildings for all these possibilities?”

• Agricultural and Farm Buildings

Create the perfect barn for livestock or crop storage!

• Business Expansion

Do you need extra office space quickly? A metal building is the answer!

• Commercial Aircraft Hangars

Clear span space allows you to taxi the Cessna with ease!

• Commercial Garages and Trucking Garages

Maneuvering a fleet of trucks is simple with a commercial metal building.

• Commercial Workshops

Design the ultimate workshop with our expert building specialists.

• Convenience Stores

Customize your retail space and make every square foot count!

• Data Centers

Create a workflow that works for your business!

• Industrial Uses

Engineer space for materials, machinery, and manpower in a commercial metal building!

• Manufacturers’ Outlets

Clear span design give you the power to customize your building to your needs.

• Medical Clinics

Design a floorplan that gives privacy to patients and social distancing to staff.

• Office Buildings

Optimize your workspace with the flexibility of a commercial metal building!

• Restaurants

Launch the latest coffee shop or sushi bar with the convenience of a metal structure!

• Vehicle Dealerships, Auto Repair Shops, Automated Car Washes, or Tire Stores

You need a building as tough as the work you’re performing!



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