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Find the Best Storage for Your RV in Winter

Find the Best Storage for Your RV in Winter
Find the Best Storage for Your RV in Winter
  • Jan 29, 2021

Owning an RV does not mean just having access to a vehicle – it is a way of life, with more than 10 million US homes having one! However, as fun as owning an RV can be, it is also stressful when the winter comes, and it is time to pack it away.

Failing to pack your RV away properly can result in a shorter life span and the internal components getting mold or mildew on. To help you avoid this scenario, we have shared a range of useful information and explained your storage options so that you can look forward to enjoying your RV for longer!

RV Storage Buildings for Winter

No one likes to be told what to do, and so we have found a range of options that you can choose from when working out how best to store your RV this winter. Take a look through the following options and then consider how well each will work with your location, climate, and budget:

Parking at Home

If you have a large driveway, then one of the most obvious storage options is to park it at home! If you are considering this option, then check out the following pros and cons:


  • Your vehicle will be safe – by storing your RV at home, you will be able to keep an eye on it, making sure that nothing untoward happens day or night!
  • It will be easy to access – fancy a last-minute weekend away when the weather takes an unexpected turn for the better? Having your RV at home means that you can head off without any hassle.


  • RVs are big – these vehicles are built to be big, and storing yours on your driveway may take up a lot of room that could be better used for cars or basketball games.
  • Risk of infestation – depending on where you live, your RV may run the risk of being susceptible to an infestation if you park on the driveway.
  • Change in weather conditions – leaving an RV on a driveway means that it is exposed to the changing climate, which will weather and age it long before it should be.
  • Neighborhood zoning – if you park your RV at home, then you may be in violation of a neighborhood zoning ordinance.

Using a Wrap-Around Cover

Another simple way of protecting your RV during the colder months is to use a wrap-around cover. These covers come in every shape and size you can imagine so that you can be sure that there is a product that is perfect for your RV:


  • Covered well – not only do RV covers look great, but they also cover the full surface area with ease.
  • Cost-effective – covers come in a range of prices, but there are some great ones that are cheap to buy when you are on a budget.


  • Weather and the elements – while the cover will protect your RV against rain and snow, it will not protect it against the other elements, such as storms.
  • It will be vulnerable – when you park your RV up and use a wrap on its own, then your vehicle is vulnerable to break-ins and theft.

Opting for an Outdoor Storage Lot

When you are unable to park your RV at home, then you may choose an outdoor storage facility instead. These are easy to find, and each area will have ones ready for you to access.


  • They are monitored – many people opt for outdoor storage as there is some level of monitoring, providing peace of mind.
  • They do not cost a fortune – outdoor storage is inexpensive, allowing you to leave your RV for as long as you need.


  • They are not all secure – while there is some level of monitoring, many facilities do not have lots of security, meaning your RV may still be vulnerable.
  • They may be infested – many outdoor facilities are infested with vermin that may then access your RV.
  • They are exposed – there is no weather protection with an outdoor facility.

Keep Your RV in an Indoor Storage Lot

If you are keen to keep your RV undercover, then a covered storage lot may be a great choice. With many dedicated spaces across the country, you should find a perfect spot with ease.


  • Your RV will be monitored – indoor storage facilities are monitored so that you can feel confident that it will be there when you go to pick it up.
  • Your RV will be covered – protection from the weather is a great way to keep your RV in good condition.


  • Not 100% secure – while the security will be much better than any of the previous options, there is still a risk, especially when you are not nearby and able to check-in.
  • It is not cheap – paying for indoor space is expensive, especially when you are renting it! Expect to pay a lot to keep your RV indoors.

Metal Garage

If you have a large enough metal garage at home, then this could be a great option! Typically, best for people who own smaller RVs.


  • Safety first – your RV will be safe and secure so that you can sleep better knowing it is well looked after.
  • It will be covered – metal garages provide the cover you need to keep your RV looking great.
  • It can be accessed – if you are planning to do some maintenance on your RV, it will be good to have it nearby, so you do not have to travel.
  • It is cheap – parking in your own garage means that there are no charges when it comes to storage, saving you a lot of cash!
  • Reduced fire risk – steel garages are fire resistant and will protect your RV even if there is a fire nearby.
  • Virtually maintenance free – metal buildings are incredibly easy to maintain, so your RV will be safe winter after winter.


  • Not portable – once installed, metal garages remain as permanent structures unless you plan to disassemble them entirely. Well, this shouldn’t be considered as a con, as steel garages are known to add value to your property and hence, will serve you best.

Metal RV Carports

Metal RV covers are the best option out there as they are built to size and can provide the protection and security you need while keeping them on your property all year round.


  • Steel RV covers provide protection – these custom-built buildings will fully cover and protect your RV.
  • Accessible RV Camper Cover – installing a metal RV carport means that you will be able to check on your RV at any time, day or night.
  • Fully-customizable options – when you build your own RV carport, you can design it to fit all your needs.
  • Reduced fire risk – metal carports are fire resistant and will protect your RV even if there is a fire nearby.


  • Not portable – like metal garages, RV carports are also not portable. However, having them installed will surely increase your property value.

Metal Buildings are the Best Choice for RVs

If you are keen to know that your RV is safe, secure, and set up for winter, then a metal building really is the only suitable option. With a range of designs to choose from or the option to design your own space, you can look forward to simple installation and many years of effective protection. There really is a no better choice.

Let Us Help You!

If you own an RV and are keen to get a metal building to protect it during the winter, then Steel Carports is the ideal choice. Not only do we provide fully customizable designs, but we offer free delivery and installation.

Each of our metal buildings is made from the best materials on the market and are designed to last. With a range of payment options and generous warranties, you can look forward to keeping your RV in the best possible condition. Call us today at +1 (833) 647-8335 to get started!

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