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How Metal Building Colors Impact Employee Morale at a Manufacturing Facility

How Metal Building Colors Impact Employee Morale at a Manufacturing Facility
How Metal Building Colors Impact Employee Morale at a Manufacturing Facility
  • Oct 27, 2020

Most workers in a manufacturing facility spend their days with little or no natural light and staring at an assembly line. Creating an engaging and enjoyable environment for these workers can help boost employee morale and keep workers engaged. The more engaged and happy your workers are at a manufacturing facility, the less often you’ll need to recruit, hire, and train new employees.

And yet, creating a nice work environment in such a facility can be extremely challenging. You can face restrictions and budget constraints when planning to create such a space. This is where choosing the right metal building colors can do a lot to boost employee morale in a manufacturing facility. Color is an easy way to impact employee morale without spending tons of money.

Throughout this blog, we’ll answer common questions about how color affects employee morale. We’ll also explain how you can use the psychology of color to help retain top talent within your manufacturing facility.

Guide to Choosing Metal Building Colors for Employee Morale

According to scientific research, different colors stimulate people in various ways. Understanding the brain’s response to colors can aid you in choosing the right metal building colors for your manufacturing facility.

The most common colors used in these types of facilities are yellow, green, blue, and pink. Here’s why each of these is popular for manufacturing facilities when choosing steel buildings:

  • Yellow: Based on research, yellow is a friendly color. It’s bright, reminds us of pleasant things, and simulates the sun. Yellow stimulates a positive response in the brain to create happy thoughts and good vibes among your employees. Another benefit of using yellow in the workplace is that it brings out employee creativity and generally makes people feel more optimistic.
  • Green: As a color that’s easy on the eyes, green is highly recommended for commercial steel buildings where employees spend several hours inside at a time. Green reminds people of nature and can help them feel balanced and harmonious. That’s great news for helping teams work together collaboratively. Looking at the color green does not require visual adjustments like some other colors do, which makes it a good color for the workplace.
  • Blue: Imagine a blue sky, a clear ocean, or a running stream. The peaceful tranquility of such imagery is what makes blue a great color for steel buildings. Blue has a calming effect on people and can help them build trust among coworkers. It’s an enjoyable color for people to look at, making it a great choice for your manufacturing facility.
  • Pink: While your first thoughts of pink might be a girly color, it’s actually a color that promotes tranquility. Pink can help relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. You also might find that pink is good for helping your staff relax and recharge during breaks.

Can Colors Really Impact a Worker’s Mood?

The reason colors impact our psychology is because our reactions to them are based on biological conditioning and cultural imprinting. Basically, our brains have been trained to react in a certain way when we see a specific color.

There’s a reason why many restaurant logos include red. It’s because our brains have been trained to trigger a feeling of hunger when we see that color.

On the surface, it might sound silly to say that the color of a manufacturing facility can impact morale. But psychological research proves that colors have a direct impact on people’s mental wellbeing. However, that’s not the only way colors impact people. Colors can also have a direct impact on employee performance and productivity.

There’s a reason why some schools no longer allow teachers to grade with red pens. It can make students feel more negative about the feedback and can harm their morale. That’s because people see the color red as threatening. You’ll notice, that’s not a color we recommended for commercial metal buildings.

The color of your workplace has a direct impact on how employees view their time there and how they feel throughout the day. It’s important to consider color psychology before moving forward with a metal building color.

How to Order a Steel Building in the Perfect Color?

Creating a workspace that is both encouraging and enjoyable means selecting the right color. Consider how you want your employees to feel and choose the best color to evoke those emotions.

Steel Carports offers metal buildings in a variety of colors, including:

  • White
  • Barn red
  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Clay
  • Earth brown
  • Evergreen
  • Sandstone
  • Pebble beige
  • Pewter gray
  • Quaker gray
  • Rawhide
  • Slate blue

Using the 3D Building Designer Tool, you can create your dream metal building, including the color of your choice. Using this tool, you can watch as your building takes shape and imagine what it will be like for your team to work in this building. If you need help designing your dream building, our team of dedicated and experienced building specialists can make your vision come to life.

Once you’ve designed your dream building, you can place your order with Steel Carports. Ordering from us means you can rest assured that you’re working with one of America’s top dealers for metal buildings. We use high-quality materials and provide an exceptional warranty on all metal buildings.

We also offer flexible payment options to help you budget for and finance your metal building. Get started with improving your employee morale by choosing the right color for your manufacturing facility and ordering with Steel Carports. Give us a call today at +1 (833) 647-8335.

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