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How to Determine a Prefabricated Steel Building Cost?

How to Determine a Prefabricated Steel Building Cost?
How to Determine a Prefabricated Steel Building Cost?
  • Dec 12, 2019

Over the next five years, prefab metal buildings are expected to see a compounded annual growth rate of 6%, significantly higher than the construction industry’s forecasted growth rate of 2.22% for the same time period. As homeowners and business owners understand the extreme durability, expandability, cost-effectiveness, fast construction pace, low maintenance, and weather resistance of custom metal buildings, they are choosing to invest in these structures over traditionally-constructed wooden buildings. As with any investment, the first question that often comes into play with purchasing steel buildings is the cost. And, with any type of construction, there are a wide range of factors that can impact metal building cost. Here’s a quick look at some of the major factors that impact this figure.

What are the Factors Affecting the Overall Metal Building Cost?

Though many people want a single, solid figure when investing in custom metal buildings, such as steel garages, they also understand that there are a number of factors involved. If you were purchasing a house, you would expect to pay a significantly different cost per square foot for an economy starter house in a questionable neighborhood versus a luxury mansion in an upscale part of the city. Steel buildings are no different, with a wide range of factors impacting the price, which are as follows –

Design: What size is the structure? What level of customization do you want to make in the structure? What is your weather like? High wind conditions or heavy snow loads require stronger structural support. It generally costs more per square foot to make a small structure than a large one. Unusual shapes make the architecture, engineering, and assembly more complex. Adding windows, doors, special colors, or unique roof styles can have the same effect.

Price of Steel: As a commodity on the open market, steel prices rapidly fluctuate, with the amount of steel needed for your structure depending on its size. Larger structures spread this cost out over a larger footprint, lowering the cost per square foot. Sticking with a standard building size also helps save money. As an overall example, if steel buildings in your area fall between $7.85 and $12.33 per square foot, the cost per square foot goes down as the structure’s size increases.

Codes & Loads: What are your local building codes and requirements for structural loads? In areas where there are specific snow, wind, and seismic loads or very specific building codes, the cost of custom metal buildings tends to increase.

Entry: When you add doors and windows to your structure, you need to add framing members to your structure. The cost of materials for framing those openings add to the cost of your prefab metal buildings.

Insulation: Though insulation will lower your energy costs for heating and cooling while making your structure more comfortable to use in extreme weather, the cost of the insulation needs to be taken into account. Adding insulation will lower your costs later, but raise them for the cost of materials during construction.

Shipping Costs: A detailed building quote should include your shipping costs. Steel buildings are shipped by truck from the nearest factory to the construction site.

Other Factors to Consider

Though these issues directly impact the cost of the building itself, there are other factors that you may not have considered yet. These include:

Land: If you don’t already own the land you’re putting the steel buildings on, the cost of this land can be a serious factor in your construction costs. The cost can vary depending on location, much like any piece of real estate.

Foundation: Are you putting the structure on a concrete slab, piers or foundation walls? The type of foundation you decide to use will impact the overall cost of construction.

Building Erection Costs: How much will it cost to have your custom metal buildings constructed? Often times, the estimate for metal building cost covers the materials and the labor involved.

And Much More: The cost of bringing in utilities, the cost for building permits, and the expense of getting the land graded for the construction process are only a few examples of other expenses that may come into play.

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