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Inspecting, Cleaning, and Repairing Your Custom Metal Building

Inspecting, Cleaning, and Repairing Your Custom Metal Building
Inspecting, Cleaning, and Repairing Your Custom Metal Building
  • Jun 30, 2022

Most people might think that the journey is finished once you purchase a custom metal building. But, in truth, it’s just the beginning of a lifetime of ownership! These versatile structures are designed to provide years of service with minimal maintenance needs. However, you’ll still want to take several measures to ensure your structure stands the test of time!

Metal buildings are tried and true when it comes to longevity. Keep them in pristine condition, and they’ll last for generations. But how do you go about cleaning or repairing your structure?


Inspecting Your Metal Building

For maintaining your metal building installation, one of the first steps you’ll want to take is to make an eyes-on inspection. Every few months, you’ll want to take a walk around your structure, carefully examine it, and ensure that there are no signs of rust or damage. It’s crucial to check sections of your structure that are load-bearing, including the base and framing of your building.

Violent weather patterns and elemental hazards can cause damage that the naked eye might not immediately notice. Failing to check or make the necessary repairs can result in enormous structural damages that quickly add up in terms of out-of-pocket costs.

Now that you’ve examined the footprint of your custom metal building, it’s time to take a look at the roofing system. Most roofing types are engineered to withstand the weather in your area for years with minimal need for maintenance. Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to make any immediate repairs. However, debris carried by wind and storms can sit on a roof and cause rust damage if left exposed to direct moisture for extended amounts of time. As a result, leaf fall on your roofing system might not seem like an issue, but they can cause problems if left unattended.


Causes of Unexpected Damages

There is no shortage of hazards when it comes to protecting any structure. Luckily, steel handles these environmental pressures far better than wooden alternatives. However, even with custom metal buildings, you’ll want to be mindful of:

1. Standing water

Standing water is a health issue due to bacteria and insects. It can also do hefty amounts of damage to the metal if left unattended for extended amounts of time. Galvanized steel is naturally resistant to moisture, but even steel has its limits! Clear out any standing water in your building to ensure it stays dry and rust-free for years.

2. Snow Fall

Snow is one of the biggest enemies of any structure! Snowflakes may seem light, airy, and innocent, but they can cause catastrophic damage to structures when banding together. Roofing systems on certified structures are designed to handle the wind and snow loads in your region, but you’ll still need to be mindful of any standing snow on your building’s roof.

3. Jammed Hinges

Over time, dirt, dust, and moisture buildup can cause door hinges to stick or rust. Carefully inspect any moving parts on your structure to ensure they’re in working order. Failing to do so can be costly!


Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Custom Metal Buildings

In addition to checking your structure for any necessary repairs, you’ll also want to maintain a small checklist of essential things your building will need. Let’s take a deeper dive into some cleaning and maintenance tips!

1. Create a Checklist

Develop a thorough list of things to check on your building. By completing the list every few months, you can rest easy knowing everything is in tip-top shape!

2. Inspect the Interior and Exterior

A steel building is built for strength, inside and outside. However, you’ll need to check both to ensure there are no issues that could lead to potential damages over time. Minor repairs now will replace enormous ones down the road!

3. Clean Gutters

Keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris will ensure that your building is draining correctly. Buildup, over time, can cause backups in your drainage system and can lead to rust issues and damages if left unattended.

4. Inspect Your Building’s Surroundings

Storms can bring down tree limbs with ease! You’ll want to make a trip around your structure to ensure there are no fallen objects that might harm your building.

5. Check Your Foundation

One aspect of your structure that’s incredibly important to maintain is its foundation. You’ll want to carefully check for any cracks or rust marks that may appear. If you find any such issues, they’ll need to be repaired right away to avoid further issues.

6. Look Over Your Insulation

If you’ve insulated your custom metal building, you’ll need to check your insulation occasionally. In rare circumstances, some pests can damage insulation, costing you money. Additionally, maintaining your insulation can considerably affect your building’s heat efficiency.

7. Oil Hinges

The hinges on your doors and windows carry out a lot of work over the life of your structure. It’s crucial to keep them in working order. Without regular maintenance, hinges can seize and wear out years before they should.

8. Check Windows and Door Seals

Over time, the rubber seals in your doors and windows can dry out and decay, allowing cold air to flow in and out of your building. By keeping your seals in working order, you’ll be able to maintain your structure’s heat efficiency.

9. Replace Any Missing Hardware

Wind and debris can cause screws and bolts on your structure to become loose. While rare, carefully inspecting your building for any missing parts can save you a ton of trouble in the long run.

10. Check for Scratches or Dents in Your Structure

While primarily a cosmetic issue, deep enough scrapes can allow moisture to permeate your building’s structure. Over time, this can potentially develop into significant rust problems.

11. Pressure Wash

As a final step, washing your prefab metal building with a pressure washer can keep dust and dirt from damaging your structure. Not to mention that it will make your building shine like new!


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