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Key Measurements for the Perfect Metal Garage

Key Measurements for the Perfect Metal Garage
Key Measurements for the Perfect Metal Garage
  • Jul 30, 2020

A lot can be learned from simply observing trends. This is certainly true when it comes to the construction business—the buildings that people choose to invest in speak volumes about their appeal. When it comes to metal garages in the United States, the overwhelming popularity they are experiencing certainly fits the bill. People love them.

As it turns out, there are many reasons that people love prefab metal buildings. The advantages they offer at such a competitive price point make metal garages hard to beat. As the demand for these versatile buildings continues to rise, more and more Americans are confronted with the task of determining what size metal garage is right for their needs.

Luckily, there are several industry standards, some basic math guidelines, and a team of experts at Steel Carports who are ready to help you navigate the world of prefab steel garages. Read on for more!

Vehicle Dimensions

Having a basic knowledge of the dimensions certain types of vehicles typically possess will give you a good idea of how your metal garage should be sized. If you have a certain vehicle or are planning to buy one, you can apply the dimensions of it to the measurements of your building. Take the following common measurements, for example, but keep in mind that we’re providing a range of measurements, not precise dimensions!

Compact Cars and Sports Cars – Unless you love motorcycles, these are probably the smallest vehicles you will be purchasing a prefab steel garage for. They typically measure in the 5’ to 6’ range for width, stretch between 14’ and 16’ in length, and stand 4’ to 5’ tall.

Large Cars and Luxury Cars – This category of bigger vehicles will demand slightly more space, as the dimensions tend to be slightly increased from their smaller counterparts. They tend to measure approximately 6’ to 612’ in height, 16’ to 18’ in length, and 41/2’ to 5’ in height.

SUVs and Vans – The largest classification of common vehicles—unless you run a limo business or love giant trucks—SUVs and vans require quite a bit of space. To put this in perspective, they typically measure around 6’ to 7’ in width, 16’ to 19’ in length, and 5’ to 6’ in height.

Common Steel Garage Dimensions in the United States

If you’re unsure of what size metal garage to choose, consider the following breakdown of some of the common steel garage dimensions used in the United States today. While these should be viewed as suggestions rather than absolutes, they’re a great place to start!

  • One-Car Garage – While the dimensions of your single-car garage will be influenced by your intentions (do you plan to use it for storage, too?), a common starting width is 12’ with a length of 21’. Most single-car garages come with a starting height of around 8’.
  • Two-Car Garage – When considering a double metal garage, you should be looking at dimensions that fall in the range of 18’ to 24’ in width, while retaining the same length and height as a single-car garage.
  • Three-Car Garage – As you’ll notice, there is a trend when it comes to building a garage to house more vehicles—width increases, but length and height tend to remain the same. This trend holds true with three-car garages, which feature widths between 26’ and 30’.
  • Four-Car Garage – At this point, you are likely better off opting for a custom garage that fits your unique needs, including multiple entrances, custom bays, and more. A building in the vicinity of 20’ in width by 50’ in length by 12’ in height would likely be the perfect fit!

Why Choose a Metal Garage?

Prefab steel garages from Steel Carports feature numerous advantages that are bound to enhance your overall experience and increase the ROI on your investment. It would be nearly impossible to include all the benefits in this article, so we’ve highlighted a few key benefits that are indicative of the diversity these buildings offer!

  • Durability and Strength – No matter what you, the weather, or time throw at your metal garage, it will stand strong. This allows you to use your building for years on end with security and peace-of-mind.
  • Customizability – Whether you’re looking for a standard metal garage or a completely custom workshop for your valuable classic cars, Steel Carports can help you customize your steel garage to perfection.
  • Maintenance – Steel garages require little to no maintenance. This means you can allocate your time and resources elsewhere without worrying about the state of your building.

Metal Garages from Steel Carports

As the go-to dealer of prefab metal garages in the United States, Steel Carports is no stranger to measuring out the perfect garage. No matter what your needs may be, Steel Carports can help ensure that your metal garage meets them flawlessly. Simply call today on +1 (833) 647-8335.

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