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LED and Natural Lighting in Steel Buildings

LED and Natural Lighting in Steel Buildings
LED and Natural Lighting in Steel Buildings
  • Sep 09, 2020

More Americans are turning to steel buildings thanks to their many advantages and modern characteristics. For many, the efficiency of these modern marvels is a prominent selling point. From helping preserve the environment to saving you significant money by conserving energy, the efficiency of steel buildings is an undeniable benefit.

Of course, a building can only be as efficient as its parts. A highly efficient steel building can be counteracted if the appliances, lighting fixtures, climate control, and more are outdated, improperly used, or otherwise inefficient.

When it comes to lighting, using LEDs and maximizing natural lighting is key to enhancing the efficiency of your steel building. Read on for more on the blending of these two light sources, the benefits it offers, and some tips on how to implement both.

Blending Natural and Artificial Light in Steel Buildings

No building should rely on a single light source. Not only does this one-dimensional approach lead to stylistic monotony, but it also can cause increased eye fatigue, decreased employee morale, and a higher energy bill.

By blending natural and artificial light in steel buildings, you create a dynamic, well-lit environment for people to enjoy. It piques visual interest and leads to better morale. You also conserve energy by relying partially on the sun’s natural light to illuminate your building and warm it during the winter.

LED Lighting

Where traditional lighting is known to generate large amounts of heat, consume substantial levels of energy, and have a relatively short lifespan, LED lighting has completely reversed those trends. It remains cool, no matter how long it is used in succession, consumes a fraction of the energy demanded by traditional light sources, and can last for years without replacement.

Because LEDs are also minuscule in size compared to traditional electric lights, they can be used in creative ways, presenting your business with more lighting options than ever before.

Lighting Options for Metal Buildings

Incorporating LED and natural lighting into the design of your metal building is a simple and gratifying task. While the possibilities are practically endless, there are a few popular approaches that many steel buildings embrace. To give you an idea of the options and spark your creativity, we’ve highlighted a few of the energy-efficient lighting options below. Check them out!

Hanging LEDs

If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to light your metal building, opt for hanging LEDs. They draw very little power, are easy to install, provide great light coverage, and are simple to replace when needed.

Mobile Lights

Some buildings may need lighting in very specific locations to facilitate their applications. Mobile LED lighting gives you the flexibility you need to supplement your building’s main lighting with more detail-oriented lighting. These lights, which are often mounted on a mobile stand, can be moved wherever they are needed.

Panel Lighting

As one of the most energy-efficient ways to provide large-scale lighting, panel lighting is popular in buildings with large open areas, such as offices, stores, sporting facilities, warehouses, and more. The versatility and overall usability of LED panel lights make this option one of the more popular choices in the industry.


While windows may be the standard choice for letting natural light into a steel building, skylights provide a compelling argument. They let in beautiful natural light that is easier on the eyes and more inspiring, let more heat into the building in the winter, can reflect heat in the summer, and even inspire productivity. Talk about improving efficiency both in energy conservation and working!

T8 Lights

For spaces that require great lighting that features impressive longevity and durability, T8 LEDs are the answer. In fact, these LEDs come in shatterproof casings that make them ideal for use in garages and other such workspaces.

Lighting Your Metal Building with Steel Carports

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