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Live Where You Work And Enjoy Where You Stay, Thanks To Residential Metal Buildings With Living Quarters

Live Where You Work And Enjoy Where You Stay, Thanks To Residential Metal Buildings With Living Quarters
Live Where You Work And Enjoy Where You Stay, Thanks To Residential Metal Buildings With Living Quarters
  • Dec 21, 2020

When can a house be more than a home? Maybe you have an at-home business or local company that serves the community. Are you a farmer, rancher, or horse enthusiast? You should upgrade your property to have both residential and commercial space. A growing trend in both the business and home markets is combining the two entities with a metal building with residential quarters. It is not a new idea but the callback to the centuries-old practice of shop owners living in the same place that they work. Business owners invest a lot of money in their companies, and a shared living quarter can be a great way to get the most out of a single property. Because steel buildings are so versatile and unique, it is easy to see why more homeowners are vying for their own metal structure. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from metal building homes.

Benefits of a Residential Metal Building

Steel buildings are sound structures that offer homeowners a plethora of advantages. From its sturdy materials to a quick building time, you will find multiple things to love about your new home sweet home.

• Durability


Why is Superman known as the Man of Steel? Because the precious metal is made up of super-strong materials. It can withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour without any damage sustained to the exterior or even the foundation. That is powerful enough to make it through an F2 tornado or a Category 4 hurricane. Metal buildings are low maintenance, are flame retardant, and are impossible for vermin to chew through.

• Quick Installation


Residential metal buildings have a fast assembly time. The prefab building is not created until all of the plans have been finalized. It is put together at the manufacturers for quality control purposes, then assembled to be delivered on your property. Because of that speedy turnaround, you will save on labor costs, even considering all the unique skills required to install a residential metal building.

• Sustainability


Steel is created of iron and carbon, while smaller amounts of components are mixed, all of them are completely recyclable. In fact, most of the available steel in today’s world consists of more than 85% recycled materials. Steel can be used time and time again with no additional processing. It also has no hazardous chemicals and is environmentally safe.

• Flexibility


A residential metal building with living quarters, can be designed in almost any desired shape that is also easily expandable. You can put in additional framework and panels, which is good to know if your business performs well and you need a larger space. As your business expands, so can your building. Steel can make it happen.

• Energy-Efficiency


Metal building frames are already equipped for subsequent insulation. There is plenty of space between the frame members and the panels to fill in the necessary material. Insulation that fits well keeps the building at a comfortable temperature throughout the calendar year so that you will spend less on heating and cooling costs. Keep in mind that color can be vital to keeping it manageable. If you opt for white or light-colored roof panels, sunlight is reflected away from the building in the summer. That means it will be less costly to cool down. Reflective coatings can also enhance the desired cooling effect.

• Customization


You may not realize that the metal building can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can determine how you want it to look, what rooms to include, and what other special features to have constructed. It can be fabricated precisely that way. If you choose to include the right accessories and other ornaments, you can have your structure resemble anything from a large shed to a gorgeous French Colonial-style home.

• Reduced Maintenance

Reduced Maintenance

Having less maintenance is a significant benefit when it comes to your home and business. Your metal building with living quarters is made up of materials that are virtually impervious to weathering. Unlike wood-framed buildings, these structures will not rot, crack, or break under pressure. You also will not have to battle moisture the same way you had.

• Thicker Insulation

Thicker Insulation

As previously discussed, steel buildings are great for optimizing temperature. Allowing for thicker insulation enables you to reduce the heat flow from the inside of your steel building. This thicker insulation keeps the heat from escaping outside during the winter. Steel Carports offers Prodex Total Insulation, which has the properties necessary to insulate your metal building properly.

Get Your Residential Metal Building With Living Quarters Today

A residential metal building with living quarters allows you to have the best of both worlds. You can customize metal buildings with living quarters to fit your specific needs. Steel Carports is America’s top dealer in metal buildings that offers high-quality metal building kits. You can trust its dedicated team of experts to provide you with excellent customer service. Also, you can always count on fast and free delivery along with an exclusive 20-year rust-through warranty.

As the best in the industry, Steel Carports offers guaranteed low prices and satisfaction for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural steel buildings. Call now at +1 (833) 647-8335 to create a residential metal building with living quarters today!

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