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Metal Buildings in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Metal Buildings in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
Metal Buildings in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
  • Aug 30, 2022

The Automotive Manufacturing Industry Today

For decades, the automobile industry has been one of the most prominent fixtures of the US economy. It’s such an inseparable part of our livelihood that annual automobile sales are often used as a rough gauge on the health of the American economy.

But in recent years, many of the largest automobile manufacturers have faced a series of setbacks. From chip shortages and supply chain problems that challenge the creation of new models to a stifled recovery from the automotive crisis in 2008, many car brands have been forced to discontinue certain brands and models to remain financially viable.

But despite these setbacks, there is one constant in the automotive manufacturing industry. Metal buildings have long been a massive part of this business sector. Below, we’ll dive deeper into how these impressive steel buildings became one of the most popular construction methods on the market.

Metal Buildings as Automotive Plants

So, what is it that makes prefab metal buildings such a prevalent choice for automobile manufacturing facilities? After all, any building can do the job, right? Wrong!

Custom metal buildings are regularly chosen for more extensive manufacturing facilities and warehouses due to their rugged nature, longevity, and extensive customizability. Not to mention that only metal buildings are capable of offering the immense internal square footage required for automobile production.

But beyond that, these steel structures are:

• Cost-Effective

Since lumber prices have risen tremendously, metal buildings have become one of the most affordable construction types on the market. They’re cheaper to build, last longer, and require fewer repairs, making them the go-to choice for any business owner working on a budget.

• Customizable

Only steel structures offer the customizability required for production facilities and custom-designed automation. This gives businesses the ability to tailor infrastructure to their exact specifications, making elaborate production facilities, assembly lines, and mechanical components possible.

• Environmentally Conscious

Prefab metal buildings have a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to similar-sized stick structures. They don’t require relentless logging and are completely recyclable. This allows steel buildings to be used again and again with no degradation in strength or quality.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another industry that utilizes metal buildings, like the automotive industry. After all, the automotive industry has only become as large and pervasive as it is by valuing efficiency. And you can’t get much more efficient than buildings that were designed and manufactured on an assembly line.

This efficient construction method allows these structures to be built quickly, affordably, and in custom configurations that help businesses operate to their maximum capacity.

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Why Steel Buildings Are the Quintessential Choice for Auto Manufacturing Facilities

We could go on for days about the abundant advantages of using metal buildings. But we won’t! To save you time, we’ll distill it down to some of the most significant ones!

1. Open Floor Plans

Since metal buildings can be designed at enormous sizes with no need for internal support, it makes them the perfect solution for large production facilities that require open floor plans for production machinery and assembly lines.

2. Custom Doors

Metal buildings are ready for commercial-grade duty, from standard entryway doors to large bay garage doors. And if you require oversized doors for loading and unloading large equipment, most metal buildings can have custom frame-outs completed.

3. Adequate Height

Metal buildings are typically built to standard heights between 10′ and 12′ high. But these structures can be constructed at 20′ or more for industrial-sized buildings.

4. Customizability

Since each automobile factory has its own unique production methods and requirements, they all need a minimal level of customization. And luckily, metal buildings have that capability in spades. From top to bottom, almost every facet of these structures can be customized to suit any requirement.

5. Fire-Resistances

With steel buildings having a natural resistance to temperatures upwards of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, they’re some of the safest buildings available in terms of fire safety. Perfect for large production facilities where fire safety is a common concern.

6. Versatility

Automotive manufacturing isn’t the only industry that uses metal buildings. This versatility allows these structures to be used for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

7. Long-Lasting

Prefab steel structures are some of the longest-lasting construction types on the market, capable of lasting decades with minimal need for repairs or upkeep.

8. Metal Building Cost

Steel structures are far more affordable than wooden, brick, or concrete buildings. They’re more cost-effective, can be built faster, and will last longer- saving you money before, during, and long after your purchase.

Steel Carports is Your Number One Choice for Automotive Manufacturing Facilities

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