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Steel Building Roofline Modifications: Adding Personality to Your Metal Building

Steel Building Roofline Modifications: Adding Personality to Your Metal Building
Steel Building Roofline Modifications: Adding Personality to Your Metal Building
  • Nov 30, 2020

Pre-fabricated metal buildings have long been a quick, easy solution for companies looking to reduce a structures’ cost. What could be better for a company that’s not looking to spend a lot on frills and fancy design?

Their easy installation and all-purpose use have made them the perfect option. But sometimes, a standard building isn’t enough.

Some businesses can make or break themselves on appearance. Fortunately, prefab metal buildings are also easy to customize if need be. And that versatility comes in just as handy for more practical reasons as well.

Perfect Pitch

You may have heard someone in the building industry talk about a metal building’s pitch. They’re not starting up a softball league. They’re simply describing the slope of a structure. Typically, pitches are discussed in ratio; a roof with a 4:12 pitch, for example, rises 4 feet for every 12 feet it runs parallel to the ground.

roof pitch

If you’re looking to alter your steel building’s appearance, this is likely where you’ll want to start. Boosting a building’s metal roofing pitch can change the exterior’s appearance to something more modern and appealing.

It’s also the cheapest, easiest way to make your metal building fit the aesthetic of its neighbors.

Hip Rooflines Vs. Gable Rooflines: The Right Option for the Right Climate

Typically, the standard package for a metal building comes with a gable roofline. Gables are the most popular and are easily recognizable for their triangular shape. They’re known for their affordability, especially if they have a low pitch line closer to 1:12.

Gable rooflines are ideal in areas with high rainfall and snow.

Hip rooflines are also available; however, they come at a higher cost—hip roofs slope on all four sides like a belt around the top of your metal buildings.

This ridge makes them sturdier than gable rooflines. Snow and rain slides right off, and the added area could be for more storage or living space.

Making Your Building Attractive

As we’ve mentioned, most businesses pride themselves on their building’s appearance. It says something about a company that’s willing to spend the extra dollar to make their exterior attractive and appealing.

You don’t have to hire Frank Lloyd Wright or his heir to have a basic understanding of pleasing aesthetics. And while the first half of your planning and implementation should be concerned with safety and durability, the second half should leave room for some style.


Making the Most Out of Your Metal Building

When you’re in the market for prefab metal buildings, caring about low cost never means you have to sacrifice your aesthetic tastes. But even the decisions you make regarding your building’s appearance can also double as a practical improvement.

Small, easily affordable investments like overhangs and canopies provide extra space you never even thought you’d have while also re-enforcing your prefab metal building.

And easy, affordable canopies and overhangs will not only attract more customers; it’ll make your steel building much more valuable.

Out of the Sun

Customers are always more irritable in extreme heat, and no business wants to annoy potential business. Canopies and overhangs are sure to protect those under it from rain or snow, but also the often brutal rays of the sun. In addition, employees will benefit from the cooler temperatures created indoors.

Adding more windows and doors is also advisable in areas known for extreme heat.

No matter how you feel about climate change, there’s no question it’s getting hotter out there. And businesses looking to acquire your metal structure down the line will be more open to a building with protections.

Easy Customization, Easy Affordability

As with any investment, you want to see it appreciate in time. Customizing your prefab metal building will improve curb appeal to passersby. Not only will it make your steel building more valuable should you decide to sell it, it will attract more renters as well.

Safe From The Elements

Besides protecting clients and employees from weather, prefab steel buildings are also extremely durable. Rain, snow, and ice are always a potential threat to your building’s sturdiness. But, with a metal building, you will always be protected from any messy or slippery water and ice build-up.

Consider Optimizing Your Roofline Today

If you’re considering a prefab metal building, then roofline pitches and other customizations are already on your mind. They’re a quick, affordable way that greatly improves the look of your metal building. Not only that, but by protecting your customers from harm and your building from the elements, you’ll also watch your investment’s value increase over time.

It’s the kind of long-term planning, good business is synonymous with, and with our high-quality materials, Steel Carports is ready to help you start. Our flexible payment options and experienced team is dedicated to top-notch customer service, including fast and free delivery.

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