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Storage Building vs. Garage with Side Storage: Choosing the Right Option for Your Needs

Storage Building vs. Garage with Side Storage: Choosing the Right Option for Your Needs
Storage Building vs. Garage with Side Storage: Choosing the Right Option for Your Needs
  • Jul 29, 2021

Whether your small business is taking off faster than you thought, or you’re simply making more space at home, it’s important to determine your precise storage needs. Storage buildings and garages come in a wide array of functionality, durability, and pricing. Using this guide, you’ll be able to determine the perfect selection for you.


Different Types of Metal Storage Buildings

Different storage facilities are tailored for special functions and trades. Therefore, it’s important to understand the differences between your various options.

1.    Agricultural Storage Building

Agricultural storage buildings can be easily modified to safely store large farming and outdoor equipment. From tractors to short-term livestock shelters, these durable facilities offer exceptional protection at low costs to farmers.

These utility buildings are often steel walled and offer excellent resistance to the weather and other outdoor elements.

2.    Warehouse Storage Buildings

Warehouse storage buildings are large steel structures built to store bulk items for various periods. They hold everything from packing peanuts to iPhones. These storage facilities range in size but are usually quite large.

3.    Commercial Storage Buildings

Commercial storage buildings are similar to warehouse storage buildings. The difference is that companies typically tailor commercial buildings to their specific needs, rather than simply storage. For example, if you run a snowplow business, this building would house your tools and salt used for the roads.

4.    Industrial Storage Buildings

Industrial units are a variation of commercial storage buildings. Industrial utility buildings often house and sometimes manufacture raw materials. They are used to store goods produced by large factories. Similar to warehouses, these facilities also serve as distribution points.

5.    Self-Storage Buildings

Self-storage units are smaller bite-sized spaces designed to hold personal items. The average size of these units is 10 X 10 feet. They are part of an industry that rents out storage spaces for individuals needing short- or long-term storage for extra space or moving purposes.

6.    Custom Storage Buildings

This is for those who don’t want any average gardening shed. By designing your own backyard shed, you choose the amenities, materials, and cosmetics. Then, you can design them to handle any unique uses, from lawn mower storage to storing gardening supplies.


Metal Garages with Side-Storage

These are fully enclosed structures often made from steel built with garage doors. The garages are secure and protect vehicles from outside elements while also providing a suitable workspace.

Their uses range from simple vehicle and tool storage to high-paced workshop environments. These environments often work with several moving parts, so they are designed for convenient accessibility while maximizing storage space.

They are more resistant than garages made from brick or wood and are highly resistant to moisture, fires, mold, and even pest problems. They require less maintenance than those made from other materials. Metal garages are also more versatile and easier to customize.

metal garage kits

With the proper care, a metal garage can last up to 20 years before major restoration is required. In addition, metal garages are easily assembled and often come with prefab (prefabricated) options. This is not only cost-effective, but also uses less wasted materials.

They serve multiple purposes, from hobbyist workshops to commercially used facilities. You can modify garages to handle most designs, from four-car garages to storing small aircraft.


Storage Building or Garage with Side Storage? Which to Choose

Determining your specific needs falls into five major categories: size, design, purpose, climate control, and construction and assembly time. While both options may seem similar, understanding their unique difference helps make a confident decision.

1.    Size

A metal garage has tons of storage options that are versatile and highly customizable. They protect everything from your tools to your car. In addition, the garage doors allow for easy accessibility and movement of large objects.

Although storage buildings come in all sizes, they are usually much larger than garages and are built to keep items safe and secure for extended periods.

2.    Design

Storage facilities can tackle multiple forms of work. Their large size allows you to incorporate office space and other work areas. In addition, they are often built with plenty of window space which provides natural light indoors.

Generally, manufacturers design metal garages for fast-paced environments. They accommodate the constant slew of revolving machinery moving in and out of the shop. Their storage space is simple to modify, while the garage doors allow open and accessible workspaces.

3.    Purpose

A metal garage is a great selection for those working in a mechanical or auto shop-like environment. The garage doors let you easily transfer vehicles and other machinery which require maintenance while still providing storage options for quick access.

People use storage facilities for keeping large amounts of items safe and secure for long durations. In addition, the customizable storage options provide organized cataloging of goods. Large warehouses also serve as commercial production and distribution points for large and small businesses.

4.    Climate Control

You can build utility garages with climate control options. This is perfect for day-to-day work and short-term inventory.

Large (and small) storage buildings are built to protect all types of inventories from harsh temperatures. Steel storage buildings are well insulated and protect the building from structural cracks and warping. Climate control is ideal for agricultural storage buildings. You can use them to keep livestock safe in dangerous climates.

5.    Installation and Assembly Time

Steel storage buildings are quick to install. Companies design them for simple assembly at little cost. All kinds of storage buildings (small sheds, too) come with prefabricated options. While the structure is built offsite, the foundations are prepared. The manufacturer then transports the building to its location as a whole.

This cut both costs and wasted materials. Similarly, metal garages come with plenty of prefab options too. Depending on the size and number of garage doors, you can install a building in as little as 2-3 days.


How to Choose: Understanding your Unique Needs

Before deciding to pull the trigger, you need to know exactly what your needs are. First, determine the purpose of your building. For example, a metal garage is ideal for people working in environments with interchanging machinery. The garage doors allow for easy access while still providing plenty of storage space for tools and other items.

Storage buildings provide vast storage options that are cataloged for organization and quick retrieval. From residential to commercial use, they are the best way to keep large quantities of goods safe and secure until use. In addition, storage buildings usually have superior climate control systems. This is great for farmers who need to keep livestock and equipment safe during hot and cold seasons.

If you need a medium/large building with adequate storage options that can double as a workspace, a storage garage sounds like the choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a place to keep personal and professional items safe for the long haul, a storage building might be the better option.


Are You Looking to Add a Garage or Storage Building? Steel Carports Can Help You Today!

Essentially, there is no wrong choice to be made. Both metal garages and storage buildings provide immense storage and security options. Each comes with unique options that offer specialized services to companies and individuals alike.

Steel Carports has been a trusted provider of metal buildings to various businesses and corporations. We continually go above and beyond for our clients as we strive for satisfaction with all accommodations and requirements.

From floorplans to materials, we will provide you with the full reigns of customization and provide a structure to your exact specifications. So contact Steel Carports at +1 (833) 647-8335 to receive a quick quote and get started today!

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