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The Cream of the Crop - Why Steel Agricultural Buildings Are the Right Choice for Livestock Agriculture

The Cream of the Crop - Why Steel Agricultural Buildings Are the Right Choice for Livestock Agriculture
The Cream of the Crop – Why Steel Agricultural Buildings Are the Right Choice for Livestock Agriculture
  • Feb 28, 2020

Those involved in livestock agriculture know that it’s not an easy path to take in life, but it is extremely rewarding. Your livelihood is determined by the competitive market and your ability to not only keep up with others but differentiate yourself from the pack.

Due to the delicate nature of the competitive market and the very livestock you invest your life into, it’s vital to protect your investments, facilitate their improvement, and otherwise set yourself up for maximized efficiency and subsequent success. This is especially true of those living in areas of inclement weather.

These overarching themes of livestock agriculture contribute to the continued popularity of steel agricultural buildings in the United States. The advantages of steel barns are many and diverse, ensuring that they’ll work well for your needs, no matter what they may be. Read on to discover more about steel buildings, their relation to livestock agriculture, and how they can help you succeed.

The Economics of Livestock Agriculture in the United States

Like many economic markets in the United States, livestock agriculture is competitive and driven primarily by supply and demand. Because livestock is living creatures, not immediately producible good, these cycles of supply and demand can experience lag.

If the market was down and livestock production was reduced as a result, for example, the response to increased demand could lag behind several months, creating an interesting dynamic between the market and suppliers.

The expenses related to livestock agriculture are also unique, as producers aren’t dealing with absolutes when it comes to production costs. While a clothing manufacturer knows exactly how much material they need to make a shirt, the feed and other supplies required to properly raise livestock can vary significantly in both quantity and price.

In other words, despite being an integral market in the United States’ economic landscape, there is substantial uncertainty and far more variables than most other industries experience.

Talking Numbers

As such a prevalent piece of the United States economy and an important part of every American’s daily life, it is no surprise that the livestock agricultural industry is substantial in size. While the number of farms peaked decades ago in the United States, there are still around two million active farms in the country.

Part of this reduction in number comes from an increase in productivity and specialization. Fewer farms can accomplish the same amount of production more farms could in the past. In fact, while the number of farms has decreased, the overall production has increased.

The Need for Steel Agricultural Buildings for Livestock Agriculture

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and all require proper space to facilitate their work and ensure they can function as efficiently as possible. This is never truer than it is with livestock agriculture. Having a strong, durable building that is customized to fit your exact agricultural needs is a necessity whose importance cannot be understated.

We’ve listed a few of the primary benefits of steel buildings in relation to livestock agriculture below. Read on to see the tremendous advantages of these versatile buildings for yourself!

  • The Ability to Withstand Harsh Climates, Fire, Mildew, Mold, Pests, and Rot – Durability and longevity are two vital elements to consider when investing in anything, especially a building that will house and protect your livelihood. Steel barns excel in both categories thanks to their all-metal construction. Unlike traditional wooden buildings, they won’t be phased by extreme weather, resist mildew and mold, are practically immune to pests and rot, and can even resist fires that would consume wooden structures.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain – Anyone who has worked with livestock agriculture knows how messy it can be. Even if you place an emphasis on maintaining a clean environment, filth tends to build. Metal buildings can help reverse this trend thanks to the ease with which they can be cleaned and maintained. The steel construction facilitates simple care and little to no required maintenance.
  • Easily Insulted to Maintain a Stable Interior-Environment – Livestock agriculture requires stable temperatures and moisture levels. From keeping animals healthy to ensuring your crops and feed stay fresh and usable, insulation is a necessity when it comes to facilitating your work and saving your money. The design of steel barns allows thicker, more efficient insulation to be used, ensuring that the inside of your building will be perfectly regulated no matter what the weather may be outside.
  • Fully-Customizable – Every business is unique and has personalized needs. Livestock agriculture businesses are a perfect example of this. The type of livestock you deal with will be a major factor in determining your building needs. Thankfully, Steel Carports allows you to fully customize your steel barn to not just your liking, but also your specific applications.
  • Cost-Effective – Affordable, versatile, durable, and a long list of other positive descriptors come to mind when talking about steel agricultural buildings. You would think that all of these benefits would carry a steep price tag, but steel buildings are actually incredibly affordable, making them the most cost-effective option on the market.
  • Multi-Functional Structures – Being able to use your metal building for multiple applications is vital in maximizing the space and getting every bit of value out of it. Steel barns are impressively versatile, allowing them to fill many needs, often all at once!

Steel Carports Offers the Best Steel Barns for Livestock Agriculture

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