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The Ultimate Guide to Garage and Garage Door Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Garage and Garage Door Maintenance
The Ultimate Guide to Garage and Garage Door Maintenance
  • Nov 25, 2022

Although it may be common practice to perform regular maintenance checks on your home, a garage can sometimes fall through the cracks. After all, it’s often used in a throwaway fashion to store the things we don’t often think about. These items can easily escape our attention, whether it’s tools or old family heirlooms. However, if left unchecked, issues with your garage can grow to become incredibly costly.

Everything in your garage serves a function, from the foundation to your garage doors. And it pays to ensure that all these components are in good working order. By taking the time to create a regular maintenance routine, you can save untold amounts of money.

So, if you’re a garage owner or you’re interested in purchasing one in the near future, we’ve got some great tips for you! Stick along, and we’ll show you everything you need to know about keeping your garage in pristine condition year-round!

Tips to Keep Your Garage in Tip-Top Shape

As one can imagine, you can do many things to keep your metal garage in good shape. But to ensure you’ve covered all the necessary bases, we’ve put together a few valuable tips for maintaining your garage space.

1. Check the Weather Stripping on Doors and Windows

From your entryway door to your roll-up garage door, your building will likely have several areas that use weather stripping or sealant to prevent air from escaping or unwanted pests or insects from entering the building. Over time, these strips or seals can break down and wear out, significantly reducing their effectiveness.

2. Check the Floor for Oil Stains

If you use your garage to maintain vehicles, you may likely have developed oil stains on the concrete foundation. This oil is not only unsightly, but it can also be a falling hazard if left unattended. As such, you’ll need to carefully clean your garage floor with oil-dissolving cleaning chemicals.

3. Examine the Interior and Exterior

Whether they’re steel garages or masonry block structures, one of the most important aspects of any building will be its frame, roof, and walls. To keep your garage operating at peak efficiency, you’ll need to inspect the frame, walls, and roofing system for signs of wear or damage every few months. Minor issues, if left alone, can grow into massive ones.

4. Clean and Inspect Garage Doors

The average roll-up garage door consists of several intricate pieces of machinery that allow it to move and close. And these mechanisms can become jammed or simply fail from overuse. So, you’ll want to handle any issues that arise to prevent them from worsening.

5. Check for Infestation

Unfortunately, stick-built structures are highly susceptible to pest infestation. Termites can silently destroy wood frames and doors, and rodents can set up shop using common building materials such as food and bedding. If not handled quickly, these pesky critters can destroy wooden garages.

Another great way to minimize this risk is to invest in steel buildings and metal garage kits. Since they’re built from galvanized steel, you’ll never have to worry about critters overstaying their welcome.

6. Look for Signs of Moisture Damage

Another common issue with masonry and wooden buildings is moisture infiltration. This can cause immense damage to your structure over time. These structures are exceptionally vulnerable to moisture and can result in rotting wood to rust and mold. And that’s just the wooden components! Oxidation is also a real danger for metal items such as hinges and knobs.

7. Clean Up Clutter

Not only is a messy building potentially dangerous, but it can also promote the presence of other issues like pests and mold. That’s precisely why it’s advantageous to perform regular maintenance to keep the inside of your garage clean and organized.

8. Inspect Building Site for Branches and Other Debris

During storms and weather events, tree limbs, leaves, and all sorts of natural objects can end up on your property. These same objects can cause damage to your structure if not correctly removed each season.

9. Check the Roof

One of the most crucial aspects of any enclosed structure, your roof is designed to handle a lot. However, even the strongest roofs can become damaged due to violent storms and debris. Leaf fall from trees can retain moisture and promote oxidation on steel roofing panels. Regularly checking your roof can extend its life, reduce the possibility of damage, and save you money!


Tips for Garage Door Maintenance

As we’ve mentioned, the garage door is an intricate part of any structure and is responsible for a big part of its functionality. But if you’re not a specialist in garage door systems, it makes sense that you might not immediately know what to look for when performing maintenance. But that’s okay because we’ll lead the way!

1. Observe the Operation of Your Garage Door

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your door is in good working order is to see it in action. Open and close your garage door while taking special care to make certain the joints, mechanisms, and components work well.

2. Examine the Hardware of Your Doors

Every few months, you’ll want to check in on the hardware that comprises your door. This will require you to examine the bolts, joints, rollers, and hinges to make sure they’re still in good condition. If you notice any issues, it may be time to replace your garage door’s components.

3. Lubricate Your Doors

Since garage doors use so many working parts, keeping them all well-lubricated is a great idea. This can be achieved by applying WD-40 to any moving mechanisms or joints. You’ll want to apply the formula and move the parts to ensure they’re adequately coated.

4. Check the Balance of Your Door

Automatic garage doors often need balancing. To test this, you’ll want to open your door to the halfway position and check to see whether it moves up or down on its own. If it doesn’t remain in place on its own, your door may be unbalanced.

Is Pressure Washing Okay for Your Garage?

When it comes to keeping the exterior of your structure looking its best, there are many ways to achieve the desired results. One such method is using a pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from the surface. It’s a tried and true process that is used by many folks. However, not all structures are up to the unbridled strength of water being blasted at a high PSI. For example, if you own a building with vinyl or composite siding, this pressure level can cause it to crack.

However, some building types, like metal garage buildings, are more than capable of withstanding the intensity of a pressure washer.

In summation, before you break out the pressure washer, ensure that the surface of your building can handle it!

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