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The Ultimate Steel Carport Installation Site Measurement Guide

The Ultimate Steel Carport Installation Site Measurement Guide
The Ultimate Steel Carport Installation Site Measurement Guide
  • Jun 28, 2022

Measure Twice, Build Once… and For All

Purchasing a new prefab steel carport is a significant investment. And with any such investment, it pays to do the necessary research. By performing this due diligence, you’ll avoid many headaches throughout the installation process. And one of the first steps will be to determine just how big your carport needs to be. After all, the structure will need to be large enough to suit your needs but will likely be constrained by your lot size.

So, we must measure! But how does one accurately measure their lot? If you lack a construction background or are unfamiliar with this aspect of the metal building industry, it all might seem a bit confusing. But we’re here to help! Below, we’ve put together a handy guide on correctly measuring your carport installation site.


A Complete Lot Measurement Guide

There are a few ways to measure your lot to determine its size correctly. Depending on the tools you have handy, this aspect might vary somewhat.


Zoning Restrictions

Before you get out the yardstick and start pacing around your lot, you’ll need to look into any potential zoning and code restrictions that will limit your building capabilities. Some areas will have specific rules on how close your structure can be to a property line, known as a setback rule, while others may limit how high your carport can be. In most circumstances, a setback of three feet is the standard. Taking the time to figure this out can save you tremendously in terms of time and costs.


Pick the Right Site

While most customers will have an installation site already planned out, you’ll still want to ensure that you choose the right location. This area will need to sit on high, level ground to minimize the potential for flooding and will need easy access for vehicles.


Measuring Your Lot

There are several ways to measure your lot, depending on the tools you have handy.


• Measuring using a tape measure

Tape measures are pretty standard in most households. And while it may not be long enough to measure your lot in one stroke, you can gather up multiple measurements to get an accurate total.


• Measuring using a measuring wheel

Found in most home improvement stores, a wheel measure can give you reasonably accurate measurements as long as the terrain isn’t too rocky.


• Using a GPS

Whether you’re using a home GPS or your local GIS service, these techniques provide the most accurate results. These systems will often include tools that let you pin boundaries while providing precise measurements between these points based on satellite data.


The Benefits of Using Carports for Storage

Finding adequate storage space can be incredibly difficult for many people. It’s so challenging, in fact, that commercial self-storage has become a multi-million dollar industry. But there’s a better way to protect your vehicles, equipment, and valuables from the elements. Let’s dive into some of the biggest benefits of using prefab steel carports to solve your storage needs.


• Cost-Efficiency

With soaring lumber prices, it’s no surprise that a steel carport is far more cost-effective than one built from wood. Not only can it be made more affordable, but it’ll also last longer without needing repair, saving you tons in repair costs.


• Easy Access

With a metal carport containing your things, they’ll never be too far away when you need them. So, whether you need your vehicle or need to grab a tool from the toolbox, convenient access will never be an issue.


• Customizability

Did you know that steel carports are highly customizable? In fact, you’ll have free reign to change and adapt almost every aspect of your structure, from the roofing panels to the trim and everything in between. You can also enclose your carport with walls, windows, and doors, transforming it into a fantastic garage!


• Longevity

Since metal carports are forged from galvanized steel, they’ll last for years beyond any stick-built structure. They won’t rot. They won’t decay. And with minimal upkeep, they’ll serve you well for decades.


• Expansion

Should you need more space, a steel carport is one of your best bets for expandability. You can easily add to your structure with enclosures, lean-tos, and more without the immediate need to consult an engineer.


The Endless Potential of Steel Carports

Each day, harsh UV rays beat down on vehicles, equipment, and valuable possessions. This sunlight can destroy clear coats, fade paint, and dry out important rubberized components. So whether you’re protecting your family car or simply keeping the mowing deck safe, you want a steel carport for the job.

If you’ve been looking for a storage solution that’s strong, adaptable, and ready to work for you in almost any application, you want a steel carport. These dependable buildings are a fantastic choice for a wide range of purposes. From picnic area covers to community gathering venues, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an application these structures won’t handle well.


Steel Carports is Your Destination for All Types of Metal Carports

No matter what structure you need, you can count on to have you covered with a comprehensive line of metal buildings. We’re dedicated to bringing you premium products and excellent customer service, from equipment sheds to steel carport kits and everything in between.

Not only do we provide some of the best steel carport prices in the industry, but we also have the best financing options! Everyone can find a flexible payment plan that works for them. And if you’d prefer not to finance, we also offer a great rent-to-own program.

Give us a call today at (833) 647-8335 and let our team of building experts help you design and customize a steel carport that’s right for you and your family. We’ll happily walk you through the process step by step to ensure you get the structure you’ve dreamed of.

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