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Understanding Your Steel Building Blueprints Tips to Get Started

Understanding Your Steel Building Blueprints Tips to Get Started
Understanding Your Steel Building Blueprints Tips to Get Started
  • Aug 31, 2020

Steel buildings are undeniably some of the most versatile, cost-effective structures on the market today, making them a fantastic option for a variety of applications and needs. Agricultural, commercial, and residential uses are all easily facilitated thanks to the easy customizability of metal buildings, so whatever your unique circumstances may be, a steel structure can fit them!

When preparing to invest in your own steel building, it’s important to understand their custom nature, design, and engineering. Having a grasp on these integral aspects of steel buildings will help you select the perfect building for you and your needs.

Steel building blueprints are a key part of the process, as they guide the design, layout the fundamental build components, and are sometimes required for approval of your structure. Read on to learn about steel building blueprints, their necessity, and what exactly they entail!

Follow These Steps

Steel building blueprints don’t have to be a mystery. By following these simple steps, you can eliminate any confusion you may feel when it comes to the blueprints. Check them out below.

  1. The Seal of Approval – Before signing off on your blueprints, you should check a few things. Make sure that you receive official drawings, not some scribbled notes or drawings of subpar quality. Look for upward of 10 different drawings from different angles. Make sure everything from your windows to your light fixtures looks right. Only once you have checked these vital elements and confirmed they are correct should you give your seal of approval.
  2. The Cover Page – You should find the most vital information about your steel building on the cover page of the blueprints. This information should include basics like the name of the project, dimensions of the buildings, and so forth. More importantly, though, are the necessary building codes that must be met during and after construction. These codes can also cover construction methods related to weather delays and more. Ensuring these standards are met is essential, so make sure the information is correct!
  3. Graphical References – Your steel building blueprints may feature strange shapes and symbols. Don’t worry, these aren’t mysterious pictographs you need a degree to interpret—they’re just references to additional drawings and the trim package that will adorn your building. Once you familiarize yourself with the “code,” navigating the blueprints will be a breeze!
  4. 3D Building Designer Tool – For the most realistic view of your building—before it’s actually built, of course—you will want to use a 3D building designer tool. This will help you visualize the overall dimensions of the building in relation to the lot, how natural elements will interact with it, and more!

Other Steel Building Drawings

You will likely encounter more steel building drawings outside of the blueprint drawings. As such, you should have a basic grasp of these other drawings, as well. We’ve given you a brief rundown below of three drawings you may encounter!

Approval Drawings

These are preliminary drawings—those you receive before the blueprints are official—that allow you to review the custom design of your metal building and make any changes you desire. You may go through several versions of revised approval drawings before finalizing them!

Permit Drawings

When your local authorities require building permits, these are the drawings you will show them during the application process. Once these drawings are approved by your local authorities and the necessary permits are obtained, you can move on to the next step!

Construction Drawings

Once you’ve gone through the process of revising your approval drawings, finalizing your blueprints, receiving building permits, and whatever other related tasks must be accomplished, you’re ready to move on to construction. During construction, the engineers and those working on the project will refer to the construction drawings for guidance, meaning these drawings are extraordinarily detailed and precise.

Keep it Simple with Steel Carports

Customizing, purchasing, and installing your metal building doesn’t have to be complicated. With Steel Carports, all of these processes are streamlined and simple, helping you go from start to finish as smoothly as possible. This includes the steel building blueprint drawings, as well as any other necessary drawings. For more information, to begin the customization of your dream building, or to place an order, simply call today on +1 (833) 647-8335.

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