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Ways to Make Your Existing Steel Building More Eco-Friendly

Ways to Make Your Existing Steel Building More Eco-Friendly
Ways to Make Your Existing Steel Building More Eco-Friendly
  • May 29, 2020

Steel buildings are, by natural, eco-friendly structures. They’re composed of recyclable materials, are incredibly durable, make the use of superior insulation exceptionally easy, and boast a myriad of other environmentally positive features. These earth-friendly benefits of steel buildings have only improved with time and the development of new manufacturing techniques.

If you already have a prefab steel building and want to increase its eco-friendly nature, though, what are your options? Well, you’ve come to the right place. As the leading dealer of metal buildings in the United States, Steel Carports has some tips, tricks, and helpful advice on improving the greenness of your existing steel building. Read on to discover what they are!

Why Go Green(er)?

If you are invested in the green movement and actively seek to reduce your potential impact on the earth, this question may be redundant. Going green(er) is the best way to do your part in protecting the environment in the present and for future generations.

If you don’t identify as a conservationist or environmentalist, the reasons for going green may not be social responsibility or a love of the earth. Instead, you may be more interested in the financial bottom line. Opting to go green reduces your energy use by improving efficiency, meaning you will spend less money regulating the internal climate of your building. It could also earn you benefits from the authorities, including financial encouragement for being more eco-conscious. In a way, going green could refer to the money put back in your pocket!

What Can You Do?

You know that you want to go green(er), but you’re not sure how to improve the eco-friendliness of your custom metal building. So, what can you do to accomplish your green goals? There are actually several steps you can take to improve the greenness of your steel building, including those listed below.

  • Energy Audit – The first step to increasing the emerging efficiency of your metal building is pinpointed areas of weakness. An energy audit does just that, helping you tailor a specific plan of improvement rather than attacking the project blindly. Whether you employ the help of your local utility company, a professional energy auditor, or attempt a do-it-yourself method, an energy audit will evaluate every system of your building to assess energy consumption and potential changes that can be made.
  • Installation of a Cool Roof – Appropriately named in every sense of the word, this innovative solution to improving the efficiency of your metal roof—which is responsible for most heat transfer in your building—can be a game-changer. By reflecting the sun’s heat and more easily emitting the heat it does absorb, a cool roof can save you a bundle when it comes to cooling costs, too!
  • Insulate – Steel buildings easily accept superior insulation, providing you the opportunity to vastly improve your energy efficiency. If you are considering upgrading your existing metal building, there’s a strong possibility that your insulation is out-of-date or otherwise not as efficient as it could be.
  • Eradicate Leaks – Examining your building to find gaps, compromised weather stripping, or other possible leaks can lead to much-improved energy efficiency. Leaks are a huge detriment to the efficiency of your cooling system, so examine where walls meet, where the roof meets exterior walls, where doors and windows are installed, and so on. Seal up any leaks you find.
  • Upgrade Appliances – The energy consumption of appliances and even light fixtures can be astounding, especially when you consider commercial use. By replacing your appliances and lights with new, energy-efficient models, you can reduce your consumption dramatically.
  • Use the Right HVAC System – Having an incorrectly sized HVAC system can ruin the energy efficiency of your steel building. The same is true of older systems, which may be outdated and not as efficient as newer, more eco-friendly models.

Invest in the Earth with Steel Carports

As the go-to dealer of custom steel buildings in the United States, Steel Carports specializes in providing the very best metal building options for you, including energy-efficient models. Whether you want to protect the earth for your children to enjoy it or are simply looking to save on your monthly electric bill, making your building a little greener is a fantastic step to take.

For more on how Steel Carports can help you achieve your eco-friendly goals, simply call today on +1 (833) 647-8335.

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