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What Metal Gauge Is Best for My Carport?

What Metal Gauge Is Best for My Carport?
What Metal Gauge Is Best for My Carport?
  • Jan 16, 2023

Metal Carports and Framing Thickness

If you’re in the market for a durable, long-lasting carport for your home or business, you may be wondering what metal gauge is best for framing and paneling.

When it comes to metal carports, the gauge of the metal refers to its thickness and strength. A lower gauge number indicates a thicker and stronger metal, while a higher gauge number indicates a thinner and wea`ker metal.

So, what gauge is best for your metal carport? In this blog, we’ll discuss the gauge options for metal carports and everything you need to know to pick the best option for your unique needs.

Steel Gauge Framing Options for Metal Carports

When it comes to steel framing options for residential metal carports, there are two common choices: 12 gauge and 14 gauge. Let’s take a closer look at each option:

1. 14-Gauge Framing

This option is thinner and weaker than 12-gauge framing. It is a more budget-friendly choice and may be suitable for carports used in milder weather conditions. However, 14-gauge framing may not be as durable as 12-gauge and may need to be replaced sooner.

2. 12-Gauge Framing

This option is thicker and stronger than 14-gauge framing. It is ideal for carports subjected to heavy loads or extreme weather conditions. And while more expensive upfront, this framing gauge is a long-lasting and durable choice that will provide reliable protection for your vehicles.

Which Steel Gauge Framing Is Right for My Carport?

When choosing between 12-gauge and 14-gauge framing for your metal carport, there are a few key factors to consider. Here are some factors that may help you determine which option is best for your needs:

1. Budget

12-gauge framing is generally more expensive than 14-gauge framing, so it’s essential to consider your budget when deciding. If cost is a significant concern, 14-gauge framing may be a more viable option. However, remember that it may not be as durable throughout your structure’s life.

2. Your Weather

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snowfall, or hail, choosing a framing option that can withstand these conditions is crucial. 12-gauge framing is generally stronger and more durable, making it a better choice for areas with harsh weather.

3. Long-Term Costs

While 12-gauge framing may be more expensive upfront, it is typically more durable and long-lasting than 14-gauge options. This makes it a more cost-effective choice in the long run, as it will likely need to be replaced less frequently than 14-gauge framing.

Ultimately, deciding between 12-gauge and 14-gauge framing for your metal carport will depend on your specific needs and budget. By considering these factors and performing ample research, you can make an informed decision that will meet your specific needs.

What Metal Gauge Is Best for My Carport?



When it comes to choosing the right components for your metal carport, you’ve probably developed a few questions. You’ll likely be unfamiliar with some aspects if you don’t have a background in metal buildings or metal carport kits. And that’s okay because we’re here to help! Below, we’ve gathered a few commonly asked questions about metal buildings and their components.

1. Why Is Galvanized Steel Such a Perfect Fit?

Galvanized steel is a type of metal that has been coated with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion and elemental hazards. This layer makes it an ideal material for outdoor structures like metal carport kits. In addition to its durability, galvanized steel is also low-maintenance and easy to clean, making it a convenient choice for many projects.

2. What Is the Difference Between Regular Steel and Galvanized Steel?

Regular steel is not coated with a protective layer of zinc. And while it is strong and durable, it is prone to rusting when exposed to moisture and other elements. On the other hand, galvanized steel has been treated with zinc to protect it from water penetration and oxidation, making it a more durable and long-lasting choice.

3. What Are Commonly Used Gauge Materials?

The gauge of a material refers to its thickness and strength. When it comes to metal carports, common gauge materials include 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel. 12-gauge steel is thicker and stronger, while 14-gauge steel is thinner and weaker.

4. Why Upgrade to 12-Gauge Steel?

Upgrading to 12-gauge steel for your metal carport can provide several benefits. It is thicker and stronger than 14-gauge steel, making it more durable and able to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. While it may be more expensive upfront, it will likely last longer and require less maintenance over time, making it a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

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