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Why Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Flood Prone Areas in Texas

Why Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Flood Prone Areas in Texas
Why Metal Buildings Are Perfect for Flood Prone Areas in Texas
  • Jun 01, 2021

Why Texan Flood Areas Need Steel Buildings

Flooding is something that we cannot control but has the ability to completely destroy an area with very little warning. In Texas there has been over $156 billion lost to flood damage over the years, and it may surprise you that more than 12% of the land in Texas is prone to regular flooding.

While many people are able to submit an insurance claim for losses incurred due to flooding, there are other home and business owners that are not insured and have to bear the pressure of their loss without support. The good news is that there is a robust flood management plan in place by the TFMA to help reduce the impact of flooding and options such as metal buildings that will reduce the damage when floods do happen.

How Texas Metal Buildings Can Support You During Flooding

The great thing about prefab metal buildings is that they offer a wide range of support and protection, making it easier to live in a flood area, and they reduce the devastation that occurs when a flood happens. This means that you can be confident about the longevity of your build and know that it won’t cost a fortune to maintain. Some of the main benefits of installing a metal building include:


1. Reducing the impact of mold

Mold cannot feed off metal, and so it will not corrode your building; this is great when you want to create a healthy living space that will not lead to illnesses such as asthma, wheezing, and more!

2. Simple to rebuild

If your metal building is damaged in flood, then it will bequick and easy to repair without expensive workmanship costs. Plus, if your building suffers any dents, then it will be simple to knock the dent back out without any damage.

3. Not being affected by floods

If a wooden home is saturated with floodwater, then it will need to be replaced. The wood can warp and buckle as it absorbs waters, and homeowners have to put up with the smell as it rots and becomes moldy. A steel building will simply need to be dried off, cleaned, and will be as strong as ever.

4. Lack of paint damage

The steel building manufacturer applies the paint in a specialized way that it will not chip or be spoiled even during floods. In fact, the paint that is applied is designed to last the lifetime of the building, keeping your metal building looking great for many years to come.

5. No corrosion

There are some metals that break down when exposed to water and oxygen, but prefab metal buildings are made from galvanized steel that stops this from happening.

6. Being resistant to moisture

Steel buildings are solid and made from materials that will not allow excess moisture to affect your environment. Meaning that a flood may cause cosmetic damage to the interior, but your building will remain safe.

7. Being cheap to insure

Because the risk of damage is far less with a Texas metal building, you will find that your insurance will be cheaper too!

8. Offer durability

Metal buildings are built to last for many years, and while they may need to be thoroughly cleaned after a flood, they will not let you down!

9. Costing less than other buildings

Despite their longevity and durability, prefab metal buildings cost less to buy, install and maintain, meaning that any cosmetic damage done by a flood will be more affordable.

10. They support the environment

It’s no shock to learn that mass production negatively impacts the environment, making flooding more of a problem. However, steel buildings use both new and recycled steel and offer an environment-friendly building solution.

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You Need a Certified Building in Texan Flood Risk Areas

When you live in an area like Texas that is prone to flooding, then investing in a certified building will not just help you avoid damage to your home but will keep you and your loved ones safe too. A certified metal building is built from galvanized, 12-gauge steel and comes with a warranty that provides additional coverage.

In addition to providing a sturdier building, certified steel builds provide protection from extreme weather too. Each certified building comes with an 80 mph wind rating and a 20lbs per square foot snow rating, but these can be upgraded up to 150 mph winds and 60lbs of snow per square foot so that you can ensure the best coverage for the area you live in. Plus, when you live in a Texas flood-prone area, you will need to meet specific building requirements to install a new build, and a certified prefab metal building will meet those requirements so that you can build with confidence.

Why Elevation Can Help when Floods Arrive

Another important aspect of installing a new metal building is to consider how to elevate it before putting it together. By installing a concrete pad that is at least 18 inches above the natural grade, you will end up with a building that will be above any floodwaters that come your way. If you are unsure how to go about installing a concrete pad, then any local tradesperson will be able to provide you with a quote so that you are ready for your new building to arrive.

Finding the Right Metal Building Supplier for Texans

If you are keen to install a metal building but don’t know where to turn, Steel Carports is here for you! We have years of experience and offer the highest quality customer service in the country. All metal building orders are delivered fast and free, and we have a range of financing options for you to choose from.

When you trust Steel Carports with all your metal building requirements, you can be certain that the results will be flood-resistant and you will be provided with a building that will weather any storm. Get in touch with our team today to arrange your quote – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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