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Why Steel Buildings Are So Popular in Texas Agriculture

Why Steel Buildings Are So Popular in Texas Agriculture
Why Steel Buildings Are So Popular in Texas Agriculture
  • Oct 28, 2021

Blue Skies, Fresh Air, and Abundant Farmland

If you’ve ever been to the Lone Star State, you’ve witnessed firsthand the big skies, hot weather, and endless swaths of land that stretch as far as the eye can see. This open territory is one of the prime reasons the state of Texas is home to more farms and ranches than any other state. According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas hosts nearly 250,00 ranches that make up a whopping 130.2 million acres. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

It’s so big, in fact, that the average Texas farm occupies over 520 acres. These expansive farms require tons of equipment to work the land, so it’s no surprise that this section of the U.S. heavily relies on prefab steel buildings due to their strength, cost-effective construction, and quick installation. This gives farmers and ranchers a swift and effective means of protecting their equipment, crops, food supplies, and livestock.


How Texans use Different Building Types

With the abundant farmland and ranches throughout the state, many in the agriculture sector have turned to metal buildings as their construction material of choice. And thanks to their versatility, these structures work well no matter the purpose. Whether you own a farm or a retail establishment, metal buildings are ready to serve! Here are just a few excellent uses for metal structures.

1. Metal Barns

Farmers and ranchers need an adequate place to store their animals and equipment. These buildings must be sturdy and capable of keeping important valuables from the elements. Agricultural steel buildings are among the most durable structures available and can be easily customized to suit any requirement.

2. Metal Sheds

You may not be a rancher, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have important items to keep safe! Metal sheds are a great way to store equipment away from the wind, rain, and heavy Texas sunlight.

3. Metal Horse Shelters

Horse enthusiasts need a space that’s large enough to comfortably house their animals. Metal buildings can easily be customized to include stalls and large doors to accommodate these beautiful creatures.

4. Riding Arenas

Steel is the go-to construction material for riding arenas due to their sheer size. Metal buildings are one of the only structure types capable of being built large enough to house horse training facilities and equine showcases.

5. Industrial Warehouses

In addition to ranches, Texas is home to an enormous industrial and technology sector. Server farms, manufacturing facilities, are a common sight along the landscape, and each of these industries requires ample space. Like those constructed in the clear-span style, many steel buildings require little to no internal support columns and offer an immense amount of available square footage.


Texas-Sized Buildings to Stand Up to Texas-Sized Weather

Metal structures are some of the toughest building types available on the market. And nowhere is this fact more apparent than in Texas, where the weather regularly rears its ugly head. The state regularly sees massive thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, and tornados. In fact, in 2021, Texas saw a swath of violent storms that dropped state-record-breaking-sized hail on the Lonestar State. Therefore, many citizens require a building that can stand up to these incredible forces.


The DIY Approach

For those that are handy with a hammer or have a background in construction, we have an excellent option for you! Our premium steel building kits are a perfect way to take on a project. These kits come with everything you’d find in our traditional structures, except you install it yourself and receive a discount in the process. This is perfect for ranchers that don’t have the time to wait around for an installation crew!


The Advantages of Metal Buildings in Texas

There are a variety of reasons metal buildings soar above the competition. Below, we’ve put together a list of the most significant advantages to owning a steel structure:

• Quick Construction

Our buildings are manufactured with bolt-together framing for quick and easy construction, allowing them to be built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct a similar-sized wooden structure.

• Customization

Steel structures are incredibly customizable, giving you the power to design and tailor your building to your exact requirements. Adjust dimensions, colors, roofing styles, doors, windows, and more to make it your own!

• Strength

We’ve mentioned this fact, but it bears repeating. Steel buildings are some of the strongest structures on the market, capable of withstanding just about anything Mother Nature has to offer.

• Versatility

One of the most substantial advantages of owning a metal building comes down to its versatility. These structures work well in almost any setting, from smaller residential equipment sheds to large industrial compounds. There is no end to the possibilities with steel buildings.

• Minimal Maintenance

Steel buildings require very little regular maintenance, saving you money each time you don’t have to hire a roofer or handyman to handle repairs. Our buildings will only need a good pressure wash every few years to keep it looking brand new!


Steel Carports is the Prime Provider of Metal Buildings in Texas

Texas is home to expansive landscapes, endless ranches, and volatile weather. As a result, citizens of this state require a construction method capable of standing up to this harsh environment. And that’s why so many choose metal buildings from Steel Carports.

Steel Carports is dedicated to being your one-stop-shop for all things metal buildings! Our structures can be customized to suit any need and are built to save you money before, during, and long after the installation. We have a dedicated team of building experts ready to help you design and install the building of your dreams! Give us a call today at (833) 647-8335, and we’ll find the right structure for you!

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