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3D Estimator – A Game Changing Tool in the Metal Building Industry

3D Estimator – A Game Changing Tool in the Metal Building Industry
3D Estimator – A Game Changing Tool in the Metal Building Industry
  • Sep 10, 2020

Investing in a new metal building can be a bit daunting. After all, you are spending your hard-earned money in hopes that your investment will enhance your property, add value to your daily life, or help your business become more successful. You want to be sure that your financial sacrifice will exceed your expectations and facilitate your applications perfectly.

In the past, buying a prefabricated steel building involved a lot of trust. It’s nearly impossible to go window shopping for a building, so buyers had to do their best to communicate their desires and needs, interpret drawings, and use their imaginations to visualize what the building will look like once it is installed on the selected site.

That has all changed thanks to the development of 3D Estimators. These modern tools allow you to customize, design, and edit your steel structure in real-time, effectively taking the guesswork out of the entire metal building buying process. The benefits of 3D Estimators can simply not be overlooked.

By giving you a realistic depiction of your metal building, including all of the changes you choose to make and features you choose to include, a 3D Estimator allows you to virtually window shop before committing to any aspects of your building or the purchase as a whole.

As an added bonus, a 3D Estimator also provides you with a detailed summary of your building and a customized quote, giving you the opportunity to review before ordering. This means you can home in on certain features, decide what’s most important to you, and easily stay within budget.

Steel Carports, America’s one of the leading metal building dealer, have implemented this tool to make the customization and ordering processes easier and more streamlined than ever before. Thanks to a commitment to excellence and putting the customer first by Steel Carports, you can enjoy the tremendous advantage of using a 3D Estimator!

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